At O2 Arena was conducted the grand kickboxing night W5 "Legends in Prague"


Alim Nabiev took a courage, Vlad Tuinov goes home with a new belt, Cosmo Alexandre was again bossing the show in the W5 ring.The results of the tournament in Prague.

Three rounds were enough for Vladislav “Diamond” Tuinov to try himself in an atypical southpaw, and then knock Erkan Varol out by the powerful  left blow to the liver in a duel for the title of W5 European champion in the weight category up to 71 kg. This outcome has become a kind of revenge for Sergey Chadin, Vlad’s teammate, who in a series of preliminary fights was defeated by Michael Krcmar via huge middle kick to the liver.

Alim Nabiyev gave sparkling "professorial" fight to the famous Slovak Vlado "Dracula" Moravcik. Athletes went all five rounds distance of the title clash. Nabiev looked preferably on each of the segments. An open middle kicks exchange with a call to the opponent to beat stronger and more powerful will be one of the most memorable moments of this year. We are waiting for the video cuts. Alim Nabiev became W5 European champion in the weight category up to 77 kg.

Cosmo Alexandre sick and tired of cutting the weight for 71 kg division and performed bright comeback in the four-man tournament for the W5 World title in up to 75 kg. Firstly, in the extra round of the bright and competitive bout, Brazilian took over Darryl Sichtman of the Netherlands, which came to this fight in the status of t current champion in this category. Their smart and fizzy clash would be worthy of the final of this pyramid, but preliminary draw, which took place two weeks before the tournament, has identified just such a semi-final. In a duel for the World title Cosmo made nose of the Czech Matous Kohout bleeding and not gave him any chances, despite the fact that Czech won Berat Aliu confidently.

In the co-main event of the night Catalin Morosanu fought the famous Czech heavyweight Ondrej Hutnik and showed a more sustained and prudent tactics of warfare than in the recent emotional clash with Zabit Samedov. The men went through all three rounds, but "Carpathian death" wasn’t capable to mow down the Czech "Spejbl".

Ibrahim El Bouni who looked relaxed before the fight as the Moroccan Sheikh, in the ring gathered the all Moroccan rage and dealt with Dzhevad Poturak in the first round.

Freddy Kemayo clearly felt that loses the fight to Jan Soukup and in the middle of the third round pressed the button "turbo" and imposed to the Czech opponent such an exchange that the whole audience began bob up and down. Soukup, like a true samurai, did not abandon the proposed battle, and this was his miscalculation. Skipping a severe right hook he collapsed in a knockout, although he had every chance of being a winner.

In the main event of the night the famous Romanian Andrei Stoica fought no less popular in the Czech Republic Tomas Hron. Although Stoica appearance was more athletic and even testosterone, Hron took the full scale of advantages of his growth and the ability to provide his fighting style. With his height and weight, Hron even tried “flying knee” for several times and looked very impressive. The Czech heavyweight didn't allow any big exchanges, because in such a way a powerful Stoica would have had a better chance of success, and won by unanimous decision.

W5 “Legends in Prague” results

Early prelims

65 kg, first middle weight

Andrej "AK-47" Kedves (Croatia) def. Jakub Krofta (Czech) via UD

82,5 kg, Light heavyweight

Matěj Peňaz (Czech) def.  Patrik "Paki" Vidakovics (Hungary) via UD

52,5 kg, Bantamweight  

Ilsury Hendrikse (Netherlands) def. Michaela Kerlehová (Czech) via UD

72,5 kg, Middleweight

Michael Krčmář (Czech) def. Sergey Chadin (Tyan) (Russia) via KO ( liverkick, first round)


75 kg, Super middleweight

Anatoli "Tolja" Hunanyan (Armenia/Czech) def. Jasmin Bajrovic (Croatia) via extraround

75 kg, Super middleweight

WORLD TITLE W5 (1st semifinal)

Cosmo "Good boy" Alexandre (Brazil) def. Darryl "The K.O. Specialist" Sichtman (Netherlands) via extra round 

Nikola Cimesa (Serbia) def. Martin Gaňo (Czech) via UD

75 kg, Super middleweight

Four-man tournament, WORLD TITLE W5 (2nd semifinal),

Matouš "Mighty Rooster" Kohout (Czech) def. Berat "Crocodile" Aliu (Germany/Albania) via UD

87 kg, Cruiserweight

Jiří "White tiger" Žák (Czech) def. Petr "Pino" Ondruš (Czech) via TKO (2nd round)

95,0 kg, Heavyweight

Ibrahim "Mr.Cool" El Bouni (Marokko) def. Dzevad "BH Machine" Poturak (Bosnia and Herzegovina) via TKO (1st tound)


95+kg, Super Heavyweight, Super fight

Freddy Kemayo (France) def. Jan Soukup (Czech) via KO (3rd round, right hook)

71 kg, Middleweight.W5 EUROPEAN TITLE FIGHT, 5R x 3Min

Vlad "Diamond" Tuinov (Russia) def Erkan "Kafkas Kartali" Varol (Turkey) via KO (left liver punch, 3rd round)


Alim "Professor" Nabiev (Ukraine) def. Vladimír “Dracula” Moravčík (Slovakia) via UD

95+kg, Super heavyweight, Superfight

Ondřej "Spejbl" Hutník (Czech) def.  Catalin "The Carpathian Death" Morosanu (Romania) via UD

Four-man tournament final for the W5 World title, 75kg

Cosmo “Good Boy” Alexandre (Brazil) def. Matouš "Mighty Rooster" Kohout (Czech) via UD

The main event of the evening

95 kg, Heavyweight, Superfight

Tomáš "Rattle Snake" Hron (Czech) def.  Andrei Stoica (Romania) via UD

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