Be a champion: Antifragility for all times


W5 professional kickboxing announces the premiere of the movie, the main idea of which is relevant for a wide range of viewers who are looking for motivation in daily life.

"Choose the way of a champion" - is not just the name of the short film but also is the official motto of W5 promotion, under the auspices of which for almost 10 years conduct the major international fighting shows according to professional kickboxing rules.

Short fiction movie "Choose the way of a champion" is dedicated not so much to popularize the Martial Arts but to the idea that the desire to be first and an element of competition is the key to human development and humanity. This picture is a rare case when the sports promotion produces something out of the ordinary marketing, a standalone product, in which the creators, let's make it sounds corny, make an attempt to make the world a better place.

"The film's story is closely linked to a large sports show W5 which we did in Bratislava in 2014. The event lasted two days and at that time had no analogues in the world of Martial Arts considering the structure of the organisation. There were several belts of the world champions raffled but most importantly that under the wake of motivation and inspiration we were beyond professional sports and have done something, it seems to me, a socially significant. We wanted to convey in some artistic way something that professional athletes faced in the ring, and all successful people in their life. It is about wanting to be the best, to be a champion, to work better, to achieve higher results, make discoveries. We have attempted to explain that the "champion" - is an important social phenomenon, and trace its historical incarnations at different times of human development. Thus was born this short film the main idea of which is to motivate the audience to overcome themselves, take up the case and to find occupation. If after seeing it, at least one person, may be a child, will be able to escape from the streets and to seek his own path at which he would be the best, then our film has got a success. I am convinced that people with a champion mentality are those who are driven our world forward. These are people with strong character, antifragile, which, as they say, are able to cope, not bend under the circumstances. And I personally do want such type of persons were more throughout the world and particularly in Russia." - Commented on the president of W5 professional kickboxing Sergey Chepinoga.

Public premiere is scheduled for March 16th. The film will be presented in on-line space in Russian, and Slovak languages with English subtitles at W5 own resources at the Internet: video portal,  YouTube-channel, W5 professional kickboxing  Facebook page as well as at the resources of W5's Media partners.

The premier broadcast is scheduled for March 16 and will be conducted for free. The film will be broadcasted at site and on the W5 professional kickboxing page in LIVE format, 1 PM, UTC+1 (Central European time)


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