Giorgio Petrosyan was heavier than Artem Pashporin


The results of the official weigh-in procedure of W5 Grand Prix KITEK which will be headlined by the collision of the legendary "Doctor" from Italy and Russian "The Spur".

At the official weigh-in, which was traditionally held in "Boxing Academy", Luzhniki, Giorgio Petrosyan 400 grams outweighed Artem Pashporin, but both do not have lasted up to 70, although the bout takes place in the category up to 71 kg. Weight cutting or enhanced training played a role - the both showed excellent and lean corps as indeed the rest of the fighters. Tomorrow Giorgio and Artem will compete for the W5 world title that currently belongs to Artem. Recall that in the fight for the belt of the strongest world fighter  according to the W5 professional kickboxing, "The Spur" won four-man tournament where during one evening he consecutively took over Cosmo Alexandre and Chris Ngimbi.

Vladislav Tuinov was in a good mood and joked with his rival during face to face. Howhether he will be such a peaceable guy tomorrow in the ring?

Alexander Stetsurenko and Vladimir Idranyi were giving a calm stare to each other and it was as calmly as if tomorrow they go to a restaurant instead of the fighting for the W5 world title in the weight category up to 81 kg. However, from the experience, we know that these fighters have got such a tranquil look and in the ring they are transforming into the pure machines for destruction.

Maxim Spodarenko and Rashid Salikhov were the most resolute opponents, they came together head-on right up to the flattened noses, clearly hinting to each other and to the public, that there will be no mercy tomorrow in the ring.

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Photo-report from the weigh-in ceremony.

W5 Grand Prix Moscow “KITEK”, weigh-in results

W5 World title bout, 71 kg, 5 rounds

Artem Pashporin (Russia) 69,4 Vs. Giorgio Petrosyan (Italy)  69, 8

W5 World title bout, 81 kg, 5 rounds

Alexander Stetsurenko (Russia) 80, 8 Vs. Vladimir Idranyi (Slovakia), 79, 1

W5 World title bout, 61 kg, 5 rounds

Sergio Wielzen (the Netherlands) 61 Vs Timur Nadrov (Russia), 60,9

Super fights

95+ Turpal Tokarev (Russia) 96,6  Vs. Coulibaly Abderhmane (France) 95, 8

71 kg, Vladislav Tuinov 71 (Russia) Vs. Ali Cakir (Turkey) 70, 6

71 kg, Stanislav Kazancev (Ukraine/Russia) 70,4 Vs. Marko Adamovic (Serbia) 70,9

71 kg, Rashid Salikhov (Russia) 70,8 Vs. Max Spodarenko (the Republic of Belarus) 70,9

Rating fights

71 kg, Ivan Semiglyadov (Russia) 70,7 Vs. Ruslan Ataev (Russia) 71

60 kg, Danil Gavrilov (Russia) 59,8 Vs. Ilya Bikmaev (Russia) 59,5

67 kg, Vadim Davydov (Russia) 67,0 Vs. Nikita Surovezhkin (Russia) 67,7

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