Interview with Alexander Surzhko


Member of "pyramid" "Grand Prix KITEK" Alexander Surzhko told about a possible fight with a friend, and the last defeat heavyweight fight of his career.

- Alexander, what kind of mood you come to the tournament in Russia?

- Mood excellent. Preparation took place as planned, and now remained lapping weight, which I have been doing in the last days before weighing.


- What impression on you opponent in the semi-finals Marco Groh?

- He is experienced enough, has a fight with such eminent sportsmen like Jabar Askerov. We were getting ready for the rumble, considered his strengths. I think something to surprise me, he can not.


- What is special about it is preparing for the tournament, four, which will have not one, but two fights in the evening, with the second opponent is not known?

- In general, the preparation process is not much different. But during the first battle tactics play an important role. You can not go all out, somewhere you need to save his strength for the decisive battle. It is also important to reach the second fight is not much broken, no injuries, so you can not miss a beat.


- What do you do between the first and the second fight?

- Usually I lay on the couch, surrounded by ice.


- In the event you are the highest of the participants. You come across competitors, rivals in growth?

- In the last fight in Bratislava Cosmo Alexandre was almost my height. Also in the tournament W5 six months ago I fought Redzhianom Ursell, with which we, too, were the same height.


- In Bratislava, you were not very good - lost two fights. For myself, to understand the causes of defeat?

- Firstly, this for me was the new weight, and when my growth to drive up to 71 kg have to very much. It was hard to get into the weight. Secondly, I am opposed to two upscale rival, with great experience and a track record twice as much as I have. Somewhere I do not have enough experience. In the first fight with Shaqiri, I believe that the third round was for me, and if I joined a little early, it could win. In the second match Cosmo beat me at the expense of experience. Often need to box as they to get yourself in a row with them.


- What kind of a conflict occurred after you fight with Shaqiri, when there was almost a fight?

- I think he was ready for some public brawl, just wanted to make an impression on the audience and hit me with a glove, thinking that it will remain unanswered. But I'm not used to the ball stayed on my side of the field and knocked it back.


- From Arthur Hakobyan you have already met in the ring. You would be interested in a rematch with him?

- Arthur and very close friends before the first fight. Revenge soon need him, because he had lost. I do not care with whom to meet in the finals - with or Stas Kazantsev. Arturo will be more difficult psychologically, because we are friends, but it will have to put aside and just do my job.


- You and Arthur helped each other prepare for a fight?

- Three years ago we met, when Arthur is ready to fight for W5 with Roman MAILOVA. Now he is preparing in Moscow, in the hall, where I sparred, but specifically to this quartet, I went there only once, so once again not to interfere with Arthur. If in the future we will be fighting in some time and with different opponents, we are ready to help each other and prepare together and work in pairs.


- Who would you call the most difficult and dangerous opponent in your career?

- Perhaps this is Paul Daley, from which I suffered his only loss by knockout. He is a true professional. We feared his left side, but at him and ran. For the time I was able to avoid this strike: do stand, walk away or dive, but in the end he managed to get me on the blow and fell.


- Daily not only cool kickboxer, but also a successful MMA fighter. This fact makes it particularly uncomfortable for you?

- I would not say that he was very uncomfortable, but the left side of his very hard. I missed one blow, and he knocked me. The rest of him could work. Just got it successfully.


- If you win a pyramid, and Enrico Gogokhiya defeated Chris Ngimbi, will seek a meeting with him?

- It's up to the promoters, but we practiced a lot with Enrico together to prepare for battle. I think it is not interesting to me or him.


- And what kind of fight for you the most interesting?

- I'd like to once again met with Shems Bećir.

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