Interview with Alexander Surzhko after fight


Member of "pyramid" "Grand Prix KITEK" Alexander told about Surzhko loss weight and its consequences.

- Alexander, how big loss weight effect on your performance in the tournament?

- Undoubtedly influenced, and I'm not happy with my performance. I think that 80 percent of my failure is associated with a large loss weight. Even in the first fight I was too slow and not explosive. This greatly affected my state. I understand that this is not my weight and do not want to act in it.


- What weight do you plan to compete in the future?

- 75 or 77 kg. 15 kilos - it's too big loss that unjustified. Four fights in a new weight class, I lost three.


- That was not the case in your state of health during fights?

- Just do not feel, but by the notice that you are not explosive and slow. Like you see the action repeatedly, but react to them slowly. Such that I was dying, was not. I felt ready, so loss fully justify my mistakes. But it's really not my weight, and I finally understood.


- After weighing as much as you have time to type? Do you give it an advantage over rivals in power?

- I got not so much and weighed about 78 kg. This time I did not drive a lot of water, and drove in advance on food, to the last moment did not have to pour a lot of water, so a big advantage in weight I did not have. I think all the guys weighed about 75-76 kg. Therefore of great benefit not work.


- How difficult was it to keep the starting head banging Marco, and then knock him out and turn the fight?

- It seemed to me that the German was too chaotic and somewhere afraid of me. He had no confidence in victory. I always spend the first round quieter, accelerates. Then he saw that he had self-doubt, and in the second round got a chance to hit well and took advantage of it. Also in the first round to actively tried to use his knees. Of course, I'm glad that someone planted because long sought it and tried to answer critics who say that I do not blow. Given that I have rounded up 15 pounds, I understand that weight 75 kg my punch would have been much stronger.


- What turned out to be inconvenient for you Stas Kazantsev?

- Nothing particularly uncomfortable in it is not. I trained together with Stas and know him well. However, in the end of the first round I missed his kick with his right hand and could not recover for the second round after a missed strike. I felt it. Then I missed the kick, but it did not see, and made the mistake of leaving his left hand. Flawed. You do not want to belittle the achievements of Stas. It is well done, and this is his well-deserved victory.


- How heavy knockdown turned out?

- I have nothing serious, not even shake. I immediately went to the hospital. They said that nothing terrible has happened and do not even drink any pills. Fight to stop.


- What are your future plans? Is it going to perform in June in Germany?

- While I can not say, because tomorrow will be meeting with the leadership of W5, where he will discuss my future actions.


- In addition to the weight category will there something fundamentally changed in its preparation?

- No, everything else was fine, just when so many chase, it is not a battle ready, and always think about their weight, and it is wrong. It is necessary to fight against the forces of approach, rather than at the end of their forces. That this was my main mistake. I've always used to be undernourished and to think about how much I weigh today. We must go back to basics, to the weight of 75-77 kg.


- In ordinary life, how much you weigh?

- If active exercise, my normal weight 85-86 kg. If we take the maximum weight, after the New Year during offseason workouts and light I pulled 90 kg.


- You used the services of a professional nutritionist?

- With a nutritionist was not working, but I imagine how many and what calories I should consume in a day. I work with a company that delivers me food, taking into account the number of calories. On the day I ate about 1,400 for five times a day. No need to cook anything, anything considered. Just bring home food and you eat up every three hours container.

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