Interview with Arthur Akopyan


Cyprus kickboxer Arthur Akopyan spoke about the development of martial arts in the country, training in Moscow, and the special significance of the date of the tournament for all Armenians.

- Arthur, tell us how you ended up in Cyprus?

- By nationality I am, as you might guess, Armenian. In 1996 my parents moved to Cyprus, when I was eight years old. In Armenia, they had no work, and there is an opportunity to make money. As a result, Cyprus and we have stayed. I finished school there and became a citizen of Cyprus.


- Kickboxing you get started in the home or already in Cyprus?

- I started with a childhood more at home, and when he left there to Cyprus continued to engage on a more serious level, and subsequently became involved in professional fights. Now pleased that chose this path and enjoy the martial arts classes.


- How kickboxing is popular in Cyprus. If there are many rooms and good fighters?

- Honestly, it's not as good as in Russia, so I prefer to train in Moscow, where he is now a lot of clubs high level and good conditions for training. However, in the last two or three years, the promoters organize tournaments and in our country, are increasingly paying attention to Cyprus, including the company W5.


- The advantage of Cyprus in good nature and the year-round warmth. Fighters and promoters come to you with pleasure?

- Yes, this is our advantage. However, the Cypriot athletes and coaches still lacks experience. In Russia, the conditions for doing much better.


- When you come to Moscow to prepare for the tournament?

- I have been training here for 40 days and got a good shape.


- How to characterize his rival for the semi-finals Grand Prix Stanislav Kazantsev?

- Each of the participants of our tournament has a lot of experience and their trump card. Stas Kazantsev - is no exception. I respect him as an athlete and prepared specifically for him. I will not talk about tactics, I'll pick a fight, but I hope that it will bring me success.


- With the other participants of the tournament, your good friend Alexander Surzhko you have already met. What are the lessons learned from that defeat?

- With Alexander I know in 2012, when he helped me to train at his club "Combat" and prepare for the superfight with Roman MAILOVA. Since then he has helped me a lot in sports career, and I consider him a good friend. Fight with Alexander gave me a lot of experience, and this defeat learned a lot. I can only say thank you to him for what he went then into the ring against me. This time I intend to reach the final, where show a good fight and not to give Surzhko.


- Would you like to participate in tournaments, Four, when will spend two fights in the evening?

- It depends on how to prepare. It is very difficult, because the increased risk of injury and need a lot of stamina. Frankly, I do not have much experience of participation in the Quartet, and I used to spend one fight at night. So it will be a new challenge for me, but because I am now very interested in how this will turn out. I would like to at least reach the final.


- When in Moscow came Gago Drago, came to support his Armenian diaspora in Moscow. Friends will come whether Armenians support you on April 24?

- Required. April 24 - a very important date for all of us. This is the centenary of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, which killed one and a half million Armenians. I have many friends and acquaintances had promised to come and cheer. I can not say exactly how many people will be, but I hope for their support.


- For you speak on that day will be a great motivator for the win?

- Yes, I will try to please their countrymen to fight to the end and win the tournament.

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