Interview with Carl N'Diaye


On November 11 in Kosice, Markus Ehrenhofer vs Carl N'diaye!

  • What do you know about your opponent?

Really nothing, I don't do any research about my opponents. I respect them all , and know never to underestimate anyone , so i prefer to have a direct experience in the ring and adapt myself, based on what they are doing. I hope that we will give both our best for a great show. And I hope we enjoy ourselves and the public likes it.

  • You have fought all around the world, who would you say has the toughest fighters?

I would say the most interesting opponent that really get my attention was Israel Adesanya. I have fought some top Thai legends , but I don't consider them as I wasn't in my best shape. I kept cutting 12-15 kg each times to fight them. For Adesanya I fought at my norma and comfortable weight-class. Unfortunately my foot was hurt, and was thinking of stopping the fight, but he caught me with a body hook before I could have the time to make my decision and call the referee. But I think we both enjoyed the fight, I know I did. Anyway, I think all fighters are strong , sometimes some have better days than others , that's the difference.

  • What is the key for you to win this fight?

Haha! I will do what I know, fight using my style and do my best to adapt to his style!

  • You normally fight in the 81-85kg weight class. What made you decide to drop down to this weight class for a W5 fight?

I don't really fight 85, i did only once , and before i was always around 90 kg because I didn't really train hard, or better to say I didn't train at all, but I was winning. In the past year I have started training at Fairtex gym. There the training is really hard and I lost 10 kg. So now I am always around 80 KG and therefore, I decided so to try a new weight class. So far it has been good. A few weeks ago at 76kg I did really well and now I have a title shot in December at 75kg.

  • What would you like to say to your fans and W5 fans?

Enjoy the show!



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