Sergey Chepinoga: "If you want to be the strongest you have to fight with strong"


Big interview with Sergey Chepinoga. Part IV. Vlad "Diamond" Tuinov: the Dutch and the Russian kickboxing schools opposition.

Part III is here

"I like the nurture of this young man"

I posted about Vlad Tuinov at the personal page on Facebook immediately after the tournament. Now I can add to this, it is a great pleasure to watch the growth of this guy and his entire team. I like our union because we are motivated not only by contractual obligations, but also have the same attitude, the general view of the sequence of actions needed for future development.

"...high level of discipline and the ability to fully implement any game plan intended – this is the trademark of all successful athletes".

Nobody is in a hurry - and that's good. I like nurture of this young man. I believe that he provides a real example not only for young people but also for the many distinguished fighters who sometimes do not have the patience to behave decently before the figh,t in the ring and after the fight, to pay redpect  to his opponent. It's a sport, not an enmity! Vlad has no problem with patience the result you can see for yourself.

Seventeen year old guy wins by unanimous decision eight times champion of Poland, winner of the World Cup, really tight fighter, showing at the same time a very high quality fight. After the fight he thanked his opponent for a long time for a duel, paying to him the deepest degree of respect. I think he feels that in Austria he overcame an important step, become stronger as a fighter and a person. Vlad demonstrates a high level of discipline and the ability to fully implement any game plan intended – this is the trademark of all successful athletes.

Why Polish fighter became Vlad’s opponent?

When Limani refused to fight, we had eight men wanted to fight against Vlad Tuinov. Lukasz Plawecki was among the strongest. The team wondered but I immediately said to Vlad: "If you want to be strongest you have to fight the strong." It seemed to me that Plawecki fights until the end, and we avoided a repetition of the Moscow history with the Italian Luca Donadio. As you remember, Donadio refused to continue the match after the first round in spite of all his titles.

Fight against Plawecki  I call a quality match-making. We picked up a really strong opponent for Vlad. Lukasz definitely had a chance to win but Vlad overcame him. We all work to ensure that Vlad will take over stronger fighters in the coming years and will achieve deserved attention of audience. From fight to fight Vlad's rating will increase because his team and  family are supporting him.

2016 will be even more eventful for Vlad Tuinov?

We are building big plans for 2016 year. Immediately after the tournament I had three hours  conversation with Andrey Chadin, Vlad’d coach. I told him about  fighters who have to become opponents for Vlad. Almost all of them are fighting in “Glory”. Obviously we will inevitably overlap with this promotion.

"... Any victory  is an euphoria which is a terrible thing."

 I would like Vlad to step into the ring against fighters of different styles. Moroccans are strong in one aspect, the Dutchmans in the other, the Thais in the third, and so on. Vlad must pass over representatives of different kickboxing schools. Next year will be saturated.

The opposition of Russian and Dutch kickboxing schools. Massaro Glunder Vs. Vladislav Tuinov?

We talked about it with Mike Passenier and with my partner Dmitry Ivanov. I see nothing impossible in this battle. But it turns out that it will fight for the European title! There is something to discuss.

Vlad is hungry for new victories. But any victory is an euphoria which is very terrible thing. It is necessary to go quietly. Mike sent us about twenty profiles of his fighters. Someone we will choose. It could be the opposition "Chadin’s school Vs. Mike's Gym”. Prominent representatives of Russian kickboxing against the Dutch. At the time being Vlad "Diamond" Tuinov  is the figure which could provide the switch from strong amateur school that Andrey Chadin and his trainees  went up and down to a professional kickboxing. Good chance. It will be interesting!

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