Sergey Chepinoga: "Stand up fighting features are entertainment, dynamics and drama"


Interview with the president of W5 Sergei Chepinoga dedicated to the new format of the organization's work in Russia, his point of view on combat sport and today's event in Moscow.

The first W5 event of the year will take place today. In the main event participates the great Giorgio Petrosyan who had never visited Russia. How did you get him?

The question is who of professional fighters today do not want to be a member of the World version W5? For years we lined up a partnership with Carlo Di Blasi and now, as a consequence, it made this fight possible, because each of us is interested in the development and popularisation of kickboxing in the world.

W5 did not hold tournaments at larger venues in Russia since August 2015. What has changed at the present time? Are there some new features of the organisation?

There is a new format of W5 cooperation with promotion companies "Shoulder to Shoulder" and "The World of boxing." We have never lost Interest to Russia and it will always remain cause Russia is our homeland! I recall that one of the reasons for W5 establishing was our desire to organise an international platform for the growth of Russian fighters and promote them on the world stage of professional kickboxing.

How do you estimate the chances of the Russian W5 World champion Artem Pashporina against Giorgio Petrosyan? Petrosian won Askerov, Cosmo, Kushchenko, Van Rusmalena, Zambidis ... and many other tops. Giorgio and Artem are at the same league?

Sceptics might call it mismatch, but Artem proved that he can present the very big surprises. His victory over Cosmo Alexandre at a weight of 71 kg was a sensation although many people said that we gave no mercy to man. Artem has got fighting style, he fast, sharp, and very importantly, the young athlete, able to impose his fighting scheme to any competitor. I know that Petrosyan fans sometimes wonder, who is this new rival of Giorgio the Invincible? Perhaps, after 18 of February even more people will know "who is Mr. Pashporin".

This fight is undoubtedly a big step forward for Artem. However, Petrosian never participated in W5 tournament grid, and then just pretend to the world title. He is a legend, but is it fairly?

According to our rules, the world title may be conquered during the 4-man tournament: to win the belt fighter must win two times in a row during one night. Every fight is three rounds of three minutes long. The defence of the belt could be established in the same order if the other fighters climb in the rating grid and become contenders. At the same time, there is a case when an athlete of world renown claims for our title. In this case, we can allow him to become an official contender in 5 rounds fight against our champion.

What can you say about other title fights of the night? Vladimir Idrani will fight Alexander Stetsurenko and Sergio Wielzen take on Timur Nadrov.

Alexander Stetsurenko, the reigning world champion according to our version, he has a huge combat experience and good boxing skills, he has a fierce knockout punch, a strong character and good physical conditions. I am proud that Alexander is our champion, he is always ready to show the spectacular fights. His rival - not less experienced Slovakian Vladimir Idranyi is almost at the level of the national hero in his homeland. Great boxer with its own style, the ability to carry out bright combinations, not inferior Stetsurenko up to character. But there is a big question whether the W5 championship belt would go back to Slovakia? He's not been there ever since as Vladimir Moravcik, another Slovak legend, seized it.

Timur Nadrov is a young fighter who has the toughness of character and good ambitions. He will claim the title Sergio Wielzen possess since 2014. Wielzen is a sharp and explosive fighter, very lean and strong corps, able to punish for any wrong move. It will be a rumble!

Whether it is a relevant opposition made for the famous Chechen athlete Turpal Tokaev in the person of Frenchman Abdarhmane Coulibaly?

I would like to check on the quality of both fighters, and then have to draw conclusions. Who and how prepared for this fight will decide the outcome of the bout, both are the true professionals.

After the second defeat in career in July Vlad Tuinov is again gaining momentum and began to win by knockouts. What can you say about his new opponent  Ali Chakir of Turkey? He is not very well known

About this fight, I have repeatedly spoken out including in my facebook. Briefly, extra round in a duel with Milan Pales was definetly extra.... Before the meeting with Milan, Vlad had a streak of bouts, he was injured. That's no excuse, of course. Perhaps in rematch we can finally decide which of these two respected athletes is really stronger.

Up to Ali Cakir - he is very popular in Turkey. This fight in not so simple as you would think. You will see.

Last October Tuinov became W5 European champion. Whether the defence of the title is planned in the near future? Perhaps it is known potential rival?

Yes, Vlad took the first title under the version of his native promotion W5. We do not intend to postpone the defence on the back burner because this fight in interesting as for us as for Vlad's further growth ... Rather, the defense will take place at one of the European tournaments W5. Now I can not say for sure whether it will be held in the first or second half of this year. We are looking for the opponents. There is a variant that contender will be a rising star, a Dutchman, who, like Vlad, is now among the most promising athletes in Europe ...

Lukasz Plawecki who Vladislav Tuinov convincingly won over in W5 Vienna tournament at the end of 2015, was recently signed in Glory and will soon hold his debut fight. How do you assess Vlad's chances of getting into the ring of this organization? Does he need it?

Vlad is exciting fighter worthy of any promotion, including Glory. His victory over Lukas was more than convincing. At the same time the signing of the Polish fighter into Glory is very clear for me. Plawecki is very good and reliable athlete who always shows very high quality and attractive fights. I wish him good luck, and follow him and his further growth!

Returning to today's  W5 Moscow event, let's talk about another very promising fighter Stanislav Kazantsev. What will bring him the fight against Adamovich after defeating such a tough opponent as Warren Stevelmans?

Stas is among my favourites, he has come a long way. He is very good technically, very fast and has got an endurance, his fighting manner is very bright and could catch an eye as for me personally! Marko Adamovic is an upcoming star from Serbia. The fighter with a character and a solid mentality, with huge support of his team and coach Misa Baculov. I am very interested in this fight, it will be a wonderful gift for all fans of professional kickboxing.

As for future plans in respect of Stas, I want to say that everything is in his hands and the hands of his team. Now stable and consistent work with his team gives us confidence in the developing of further cooperation and mutual perspectives.

Even within the W5 promotion there is a very serious competition in the division up to 71 kg ... Kazantsev, Tuinov, Pashporin, Chris Ngimbi, growing up Sergey Chadin ... Nikola Cimesa, Marco Adamovich of Serbia. How to combine the performances of these fighters and give them a further increase when does not collide each other, at least, their own countrymen?

Ratings will регуляте everything! In the coming days we will finish the official formation of the updated W5 rankings according to positions in the grid of W5 professional kickboxing. 71 kg - it has always been and still is the toughest and highly competitive division! That and all the interest! We are waiting for many even more bright and truly competitive matches!

In brief, what, in your opinion, the advantage of kickboxing as a form of Martial Arts, and why it's necessary to visit or to see W5 tournament in Moscow?

If very briefly, such events can not be missed at all! Firstly, I say it for our countrymen from Russia, because it is the International tournament, where Russian fighters will perform and they need our support! Until now, all Russian fighters could only gain popularity in foreign promotions, but there is the W5, an international organisation with Russian roots, and this year we are already celebrating our 10th anniversary!

What is the advantage of kickboxing? If I were not good with MMA, I would say that all stand-up fights are more attractive and more dynamic than those with a lot of wrestling and ground actions. However, current fighting under the rules of Mixed Martial Arts sometimes looks like a real chess game which I personally also get great pleasure to view. Nevertheless, kickboxing has been and will remain my favourite game. I believe that stand-up fighting features are entertainment, energy, dynamics and drama, for viewers it has got an obvious competition part. Modern professional kickboxing combines all the best that is inherent to combat sport: good hands - from Boxing, good knees - this is the Thai Boxing, excellent low kicks - from karate Kyokushinkai - and we could proceed the listing! Did you pass by all this being a fan of Martial Arts?

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