Sergio Wielzen: “I’m used to fighting against young and hungry guys”


Short interview with a Dutch Surinamese Muay Thai and kickboxing star in few hours before he defend his W5 World title in Moscow against young Russian Timur Nadrov.

7 pm in Moscow, Russia, will start big professional kickboxing event W5 Grand Prix KITEK, where the main card is charged with three W5 World title bouts and a bunch of other bright oppositions including fight of the legendary Giorgio Petrosyan as a contender for World title of Artem PAshporin.

The current W5 World champion Sergio Wielzen is ready to fight for his belt again and is still motivated to win as it was his first bout in a career. The bout against young Russian prospect Timur Nadrov will long for 5 rounds of three minutes...or will not?

Your opponent Timur Nadrov is younger than you are. Do you recognize it as his advantage in 5 rounds bout?

Honestly, I don’t see any advantages.  It’s good for him that he is young and wants to fight at the top level, with top guys. Good for him but for me he is just another opponent . I’m used to fighting against young and hungry guys. He can be young, but it doesn’t give him better condition than me. I'm not so old guy as you know.  My physical conditions right now are as best as it can be.

I’m gonna do what I always need to do and that means win. I’m gonna to bring belt home because it belongs to me.

 Have you heard about Timur before the fight proposal?

I’ve never heard of him before, but I don’t think it’s negative for me. This is is enough to know his fighting  style. He is a boxer and is gonna try to my knock my head off. But it’s not possible.

You were W5 World champion in 2011 and after that, you became W5 World champion in 2014. Now you are the reigning champ. What is mentally easy for you to be a contender or to defend your title?

I’ve got a lot of world titles, W5 is my favourite.  W5 is an organization I will always fight for sure, because you  organization always treat  me right with respect and I like to thanks for that W5's bosses Sergey Chepinoga and Dmitry Ivanov.

For me it’s normal to defend my titles and I’ve been practicing in it for a long time. And I’m still as hungry for this as for my first win. I’m hungry to maintain and keep my titles for me, to bring belts home for people to see I’m still good.

What will be your advantages in this fight?

My strength, my experience,  sdimensions difference. That’s my advantage.

How about your weight? Dшв you keep any special diet before the fight?

I train hard and I always eat what I need to eat. I’m as close as possible to my fighting weight, so it’s no difficult to cut a little bit before the bout.

Do you prefer healthy food every time or just when you prepare to your fights?

I do my best to eat as healthy as possible. It’s never like fast food because it doesn’t not help me. I always eat what I or some person cooked special for me.

You need to be very fast in this weight class. What way is the best for you to keep your shape and speed conditions?

For me, if you just train every day and you love train it would be difficult to be fat or have bad conditions. I train hard. That’s all, nothing special.

Where was your training camp for this bout?

I don’t do training camps. After every my fight I immediately go back to the gym and start train like I have to fight next week again. I always keep training hard and keep training smart. That’s all you need to win. The Gym I’m training and feeling like at home for a long while is Sityodtong Amsterdam.

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