Stanislav Kazantsev defeated Warren Stevelmans


The short overview and results of the W5 "Choose the way of a champion" tournament which was conducted on October 21 in Moscow hall "Krylya Sovetov".

The main fight resembled a thriller where the main characters have decided to wipe each other off the map what whatever was. Stanislav Kazantsev and Warren Stevelmans started with powerful artillery preparation in the form of crushing middle- and high-kicks during the first round. There was a feeling that  fight outcome is close. Opponents methodically shot each other and not even thinking to work with combinations. It was evident that every single kick is designed to break down and intimidate the opponent.

The clash lasted all three rounds and was very competitive in spite of the some skeptics opinion that Stevelmans is already in a kickboxing veteran  and Stas pass him on easy breathing.

None of the fighters in this pair thought to retreat, Stanislav Kazantsev was more successful and he was able to make a knockdown at the end of the second round . Stevelmans recovered quickly and showed that one episode could not confuse him at all.

In the third round the Dutchman gave chase and Kazantsev only durinп counterattack. Stas had had to move very fast to over breathe Stevelmans. At the end of the round Stevelmans almost caught the representative of Moscow "Fighting club №1». Stas did not have time to feel the effects of a heavy blow missed, as the gong sounded.

Very nervous and seems to be very traumatic bout. All judges unanimously gave the victory to Stanislav, who clearly made a great career move to the top of the up to 71 rg division thanks to the victory in such a heightened confrontation.

Natalya Dyachkova  returned to the W5 ring and won confidently over Monica Kucinic of Slovenia. Not everything went smoothly and there were moments when "Karelian Lynx"missed a few hefty blows of his strong rival and made her fans nervous . Overall, the match took place with the advantage of Natalia, Kucinich failed to develop local successes. Win-win records of Slovenian representative's is spoiled. Apparently, she will remember Dyachkova.

Bagheri Shahroh of Iran who trains in the Moscow club Golden Glory made a bright show of his heavyweight bout. It is a pity that his fight against Sergei Trofimov ended in the first round. Russian Iranian quickly showed that in the heavyweight division is not recommended to be relaxed. The first high kick by Bagheri brought him success in the form of a dissection at the head of the opponent which was aggravated by the end of the round and made ref call fight. The fight not seemed too competitive, but Russian Iranian showed brilliant talent of the improviser and, of course, gave the audience a spectacle and emotion for which people come on professional fights.

One of the best fights of the tournament became a duel between Ivan Semiglyadov and Rustam Khasimov which eventually moved to extra round and ended in a draw. This was a kind of bout which one want to watch all 12 rounds, if this quantity existed under professional kickboxing rules. Many mutual exchanges and violent attacks, steel low kicks and three knockdowns inflated the emotions in the room to the limit. It would be interesting to see a rematch between the athletes, both of which proved to be up to par.

W5 “Choose the way of a champion”, results

Super fight in the category up to 71 kg

Stanislav Kazantsev (Russia) def. Warren Stevelmans (Netherlands) via UD

The fight in the weight category up to 81 kg

Nadir Iskhakov (Russia) def. Marco Gurdelevich (Serbia) via UD

The fight in the category up to 56 kg women

Natalia Dyachkova (Russia) def. Monica Kucinic (Slovenia) via UD

The fight in the category up to 93 kg

Bagheri Shahroh (Iran) def. Sergey Trifonov (Russia) via TKO

The fight in the category up to 71 kg

Ivan Semiglyadov (Russia) Vs. Rustam Kasimov (Russia), draw, extra round

The fight in the category up to 64 kg

Vadim Davydov (Russia) def. Egor Vyalkov (Russia) via UD

The fight in the category up to 71 kg

Pavel Titov (Russia) def. Ilya Topchin (Russia) via UD

The fight in the category up to 60 kg

Daniil Gavrilov (Russia) def. Abdul Aliyev (Russia) via split decision

The fight in the category up to 63 kg

Daniyal Mukhtarov (Russia) def. Sergey Frolov (Russia) via TKO


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