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The international trio of judges ruled on an appeal on the result of two matches of the tournament W5 Grand Prix KITEK 2017.

We recall that the international judges panel which was charged to review the appeal consisted of such experts as Marco Broersen (Holland), Mladen Kranjcec  (Croatia), Igor Schmidt  (Slovakia).

According to the results of an independent expertise, in the match Vadim Davydov (Russia) Vs. Nikita Surovezhkin (Russia), all three judges of the international expert group noted the advantage of Vadim Davydov and an extra round was assigned. Thus the result of the fight is reviewed and cancelled. The new result is a draw.

Video: Davydov Vs. Surovezhkin

In the fight of the main card of the tournament  Rashid Salikhov (Russia) Vs. Maxim Spodarenko (Republic of Belarus) experts confirm victory of Maxim Spodarenko who is awarded by split decision victory instead unanimous.


"I’d like to thank for the cooperation the judge-supervisor of W5 KITEK event Vadim Kleschev and CEO of promotion company “Shoulder to Shoulder" Dmitry Ivanov. Our international team of judges in the persons of Marco Broersen, Mladen Kranjcec, Igor Schmidt  for their expertise. I express my gratitude to the athletes Rashid Salikhov, Maxim Spodarenko, Vadim Davydov, Nikita Surovezhkin for their patience and understanding. I would also like to say many thanks to promoter Abdullah Bedelov who represents the interests of Rashid Salikhov and Vadim Davydov for his fighting for his charges and apprentices and for closely monitoring the rules. This is the right attitude. I thank our viewers and our entire audience for attention to us! " – Commented on the resolution of the dispute Sergey Chepinoga, President of W5.

Scorecards, Davydov Vs. Surovezhkin

Scorecards, Salikhov Vs. Spodarenko

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