Train like a champion – “W5 summer boot camp” in Serbia!


From 04 to 14 of August 2017 W5 professional kickboxing will conduct summer training camp at the Danube River in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Conception of  W5 Summer boot camp

The resort area, the beach, and three high-quality training per day, with an emphasis on the development of functional training and technical fighter's skills. Only sport and nothing more!

The training program is designed to provide development necessary technique skills for both professional athletes and amateurs like as for fans of the sport. Groups will be formed up to the physical conditions of the participants.

The training process and sparring sessions will be held under the supervision of high experienced coaches, Mike van Itterzon (The Netherlands), Nathan Corbett (Australia), Misa Baculov (Serbia), Faldir Chahbari (The Netherlands) and coach of Vladislav Tuinov, Andrey Chadin (Russia). Thus, everyone will be able to receive individual advice from the masters who prepare champions.

The camp program provides master classes with famous current professional fighters. Among them, the current W5 world champion the legendary Brazilian Cosmo Alexandre; popular representatives of Romania, the brothers Andrei and Bogdan Stoica, which seize titles of the best cruiserweight fighters of Supercombat promotion; Andrei Stoica also was recognized as athlete of the year in Romania; the representative of the Netherlands Darryl Sichtman which managed out to conquer W5 World championship belt twice; one of the most exciting young fighters in Europe and the rising star of the world of kickboxing from Russia  Vladislav "Diamond" Tuinov. Under their supervision, you will learn how to perform the technically challenging, bright and effective combinations.

Theoretical training

In addition to the special training program and practice we have decided to focus on a methodical analysis of the video.

Several evenings will be devoted to research of the well-known professional fights with a detailed scanning of controversial issues, errors and benefits athletes in the tactics that led to success or failure.

Benefits for professionals and amateurs

Those professional athletes - participants of the camp, which will come through special selection, will get a chance to sign a contract and fight at the W5 ring during the future tournaments.

All camp participants will be able to monitor their own progress through daily photo and video reports at W5 online resources. The most motivated will be invited to a TV studio to take part in a thematic talk-show.


To visit “W5 Summer boot camp” is possible via paying "Daily Camp" package or selecting "One-time visit."

"Daily Camp" pack includes the use of a training program and training base. Package price is Euro 300 for the period from 17 to 27 August 2017. The proposal does not include accommodation and board. However, we can recommend the hotel to stay at your request. Package "Daily Camp" designed for those who choose to go through a full training camp and is confident in self-physical conditions and self-motivation.

The "One-time visit" is designed for anyone who would like to get acquainted with the atmosphere and the training program, but not sure he wanted to go through the full training camp. The cost to visit any of the camp days separately is Euro 35.

Payment scheme is simple as follows:

1. 30% during 3 banking days from the date of filing of the participant’s application at the site, but no later than - June 1, 2017;

2. 70% - not later than July 17, 2017

For those who choose the "One-time visit", you can pay on the spot.

Party time part

At the end of the camp, all participants will take an opportunity to take part in barbecue-party devoted summarising Camp. All camp participants will receive a commemorative certificate, and the most active - special prizes!


The camp program is designed for 10 days, from 04 to 14 August . Please, note that  August 04 the camp  starts from the morning. It’s necessary to arrive at the location and get registration until evening of August 03 the latest. Remember to start training, you need to sleep!

Additional  information

For more details, please, visit our special “W5 Summer boot camp” section at 

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