Viktor Pavlicek Interview


On November 11 in Kosice, Viktor Pavlicek vs Janos Koczfan!

  • SCALEMAN: This is your first professional fight. Are you ready to go punch for punch with your opponent?

VIKTOR: Yes, this is my first professional match. The opponent is really good, but I don’t get to choose my opponent, I just fight them.

  • SCALEMAN: What made you agree to start your professional career against such a strong and fighter?

VIKTOR: I normally fight in MMA, but I really want to try fighting only under traditional kickboxing rules. Also, I really want to put on a good quality show for the fans. You know, W5 is a top world organization in this sport. You can always find the best fighters, like Ondrej Hutnik and Jan Soukup from Czech Republic, fighting other top fighters. So for me this debut at this gala event is awesome.

  • SCALEMAN: What do you have to do to defeat your opponent?

VIKTOR: I am training really hard for this fight, although the amount of time given to train has not been optimal. But that doesn’t matter really, I will be ready. As for what I have to do to win, well that strategy comes directly from the coaches and I will not reveal their plans.

  • SCALEMAN: Have you ever faced someone of your opponent’s caliber and brute strength?

VIKTOR: He will be one of the strongest opponents.

  • SCALEMAN: What would you like to say to your fans and W5 fans?

VIKTOR: I am looking forward to feeling the atmosphere in Rebuy Stars’, where I hope the fans have a great time and that we put on a great show. I really can’t wait to see everyone there.



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