Vlad Tuinov: "Ali, keep your hands higher!"


February 18, Moscow, Vladislav "Diamond" Tuinov will hold his first match in the new season against Ali Cakir of Turkey during W5 Grand Prix Kitek: Pashporin Vs. Petrosyan.

Recently, Vladislav Tuinov, as well as Artem Vakhitov, was recognized among the bigger stars of Eastern European by Kickboxingplanet popular online edition. The representative of W5 PR service talked with Vladislav on the upcoming bout, new coach in his team and plans for the year 2017

Judging by the recent video you gained your legs. They are very muscular. Did you work with weights very much? Whether it give you advantage?

I've always worked very hard with weights to build my legs I‘ve been trying a lot of different training systems and, as a result, I and my team have developed our own scheme, which I adhere.

Together with it we started to work on seriality. We are adding a lot of low kicks, middle-kicks - in these combinations a lot depends on the quality of the leg muscles.

The well-developed legs also give me the opportunity to work into the ring not only in more powerful but also in more diverse style. I always try to create interesting and bright situations during the fight, and my match against Ali Cakir in Moscow will be full of such moments.

The advantages of the strong and enduring legs are obvious: punches and kicks become more powerful, the moving is easy and faster what gives more chances to perform KO!

Whether such a muscle mass decreases your speed or not?

Look at the Cosmo Alexandre - that's where the muscle mass! If he looks slow? I always work on my speed after training with weights and develop not only strength of my muscles but also endurance. All that I have is helping me to hit harder!

What do you know about your rival Ali Cakir? What are his strengths?

What can I say ... He has two undeniable advantages: he is taller than I am and he grew a beard. I know that I respect him as any of my opponent in the ring. However let me give a piece of advice to him: "Ali, keep your hands higher and don’t repeat  the mistakes you made in last bouts, otherwise your seconds will have to find your jaw at the tribunes! February 18, it will be the hardest fight in the whole your career."

Have you got a special  game plan? Do you want to breathe for 5 rounds or to finish early?

I’m just going to fight in my own manner and, if it will be so, I will catch the moment when it will be possible to send the opponent sleep. We have a few plans, so I will track Ali’s tactics and work according to our plan. The fight will continue as long as necessary.

Recently, you started working with a new coach on physical preparation. What aspects do you make an accent on? Do you already feel the results of a new collaboration?

We came together with Andrey Vladimirovich (Chadin - coach of Vladislav Tuinov, Ed.) to the decision that the team need an additional specialist. We develop invulnerability, rigidity and toughness. Considerable emphasis is made on strengthening the ligaments and legs development. We make a lot of crosses and we are working on endurance as well as on the balance.

I already feel the results, and very soon they will be obvious for everyone who watches my fights. We have been doing a very good work.

What are you focusing on with Andrei Chadin who before that was you’re the only one coach?

With Andrei Vladimirovich we are working on polishing of the technique as well as exploring new combinations, new ways of punches and strikes. The considerable attention we pay to movements in the ring and development of "sensitivity", I mean the ability to predict how and what will make the opponent, and be proactive.

What  fights you would like to get during this year?

First of all, I want further increase my fighting level. I feel like my fighting experience constantly growing up with each new bout and every time I get more and more interesting and challenging opponents. I want to thank for this my native promotion W5 and my whole team. As for this year, I personally would like to defend my W5 European title and to conquer the new belts in different promotions. I know that W5 president Sergey Chepinoga is negotiating on that matter with a number of organizations. However we will see all this very soon!


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