Vlad Tuinov against Mike Passenier’s fighters


The new episode of “Chadins' school” and “Mike’s Gym” opposition will start by showdown of Vlad Tuinov Vs. Jordann Pikeur 21 of May, Vienna.

The strongest K-1 schools from Russia and Holland again put stakes on their young stars. Vladislav “Diamond” Tuinov (22(6KO) – 21) will meet Jordann Pikeur  (25-18-6) in the superfight during the “It’s W5 time: Never Give Up”  which will be conducted at “Hallmann Dome”, Vienna.

The starting point of new Russian-Dutch K-1 schools opposition is considered  as April 23, when at the Moscow event of W5 Vlad Tuinov stepped into the ring against Cedric Manhoef. This fight became the most important on the “Diamond” professional career at the current stage. So the more sensational was considered his very confident win over dangerous representative of Mike Passenier school.

Although Vladislav’s opponent in Vienna not possess such an impression record as Cedric Manhoef does, he is considered among the strongest, most perspective and competitive athletes on the world stage.

His advantages are the capacity to fight very tough during all the distance, the possession of KO punch and ability to bite the bullet in any circumstances.

Jordann Pikeur is the finalist of the recent K-1 Grand Prix in Japan and he is WMTA Benelux champion. The Pikeur’s clash against WPMF Japanese champion Watabe Daiki is considered as one of the most bright K-1 bouts of 2015.

Vlad Tuinov of “Chadins’ school”, Russia and Jordann Pikeur of “Mike’s Gym”, Holland will compete in the up to 70 kg weight category. The Dutch used to performing in this weight devision and this is a little bit advantage for him due to the fact that Vlad Tuinov conducted all his recent bouts in weight up to 71 kg.

The "black and the yellow" cohort, as Michael Passenier naming his trainees  (the black and the yellow colors is mark of a danger and warning in the real nature; and this is the main colors palette of Mike’s Gym) wants a retribution and send another fighter who is really dangerous and competitive for Vladislav Tuinov of Russian city Oryol.

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