Vladislav Tuinov will step in the ring in the main event of the KINGS III


Duel with a German of Moroccan origin Bilal Messaoudi will be held under K-1 rules in the framework of the KINGZ III fighting evening in German Lüdenscheid November 21st.

The fighters meet in the category up to 68 kg. The rival of Vlad is traditionally considered to be more experienced. Messaoudi record  is 38 fights, 27 of which he won by knockout.

"We have received the invitation, and the manager of our team Dmitry Ivanov agreed to this fight. Despite the fact that Vlad will box with Messaoudi in the main fight of the evening, we see this fight as a feed for a meeting with Besnik Limani, which will happen on December 5 in Vienna Grand Prix W5. In Germany, we will try in action tactics, designed specifically for the estuary, as these two fighters are similar to each other, "- says the coach Vladislav Tuynov Andrey Chadin.

Vlad is tuned confident and optimistic: "We have developed a clear strategy, and in the ring I will act according to our plan. The battle ends when my coach says. Ready to do a knockout. "

"Our challenge now for Vlad - to collect the amount of fights. On the wayVlad can eliminate minor flaws, and add in the technical arsenal. We are surely go to class "A". Naturally, the level of opponents at once increases. Vlad is ready for this. The recent battle in China has helped determine that Vlad is good enough to cope with the tasks. Another thing, why the Chinese did not give extra round ... Vlad took away at least half, if not two rounds of the three. It was a tactic: start with a closer look, then begin "eat up" the opponent. As a result, the fight turned out fake web. We just messed up "dry" record.

In Germany, the opponent is not so difficult, in the course of the match to be done a certain setting. Suffice it difficult opponent is scheduled on December 5 in Austria - is Besnik Limani. But, generally, in my opinion, all these three stages Vlad must overcome and overcome without much difficulty. In the future we are waiting for a new weight category of 70 or 71 kg. There will be a truly serious fighters with big names. Vlad must be fully prepared to meet with them. I define that we are now at the first level "A" class. Rivals there are the same level as Vlad. Then we are waiting for Middle - Class A and high-class - "A", ie, most top. Vlad comes to this goal with long strides. But every step he needs to solve several problems in order to prepare for battle in an environment where competition is extremely high and the fight takes place on the micron scale. When you, for example, it happens in the race, you can be better than his opponent literally a fraction of a second. High-class athletes are more expensive they are increasing their fees just because the preparations are going on the micron level, where the role played by every detail, ranging from proper nutrition and proper training process, ending the level of trace elements in the body. " - Says the expert opinion of Dmitry Ivanov, manager Vladislav Tuynova, general director of promotion company "shoulder to shoulder."

Evening KINGZ III fights organized by the local German promotion that holds fights K-1 rules, boxing and Muay Thai.

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