W5 «Choose the way of a champion": weigh-in results


Stevelmans and Kazantsev not met face-to-face, Davydov and Vyalkov staged a brawl, Dyachkova done her weight with a margin.

On October 20, in the  Boxing Academy, Luzhniki, was conducted the official weigh-in procedure of the W5 tournament "Choose the way of a champion", which will take place this Friday at UIC "Krylya Sovetov"

Warren Stevelmans, the main event participant, not arrived to weigh-in due to the protracted visa problems, but at the end of the procedure we have been informed that the Dutch fighter flew to Moscow. Stas Kazantsev keeps calm because the main fight will be for sure.

Vadim Davydov could not look with indifference at his the only one offender in professional fights Yegor Vyalkov - guys started a brawl. Dennis Sidenko and Dmitry Ivanov were had to step in.

Sergey Trifonov and Begeri Shahroh kooked impressive. Their gaze says that tomorrow guys will make the rumble. Audience will witnness a spectsacular  fight of heavyweights.

Natalia Dyachkova didn't understand why guys can not undress in front of weights in advance and play for time. She wanted to eat and drink. As a result, the representative of Petrozavodsk school of Thai boxing made the weight with a margin but had time to point out the audacity of her rival, representatives of Slovenia Monica Kucinic.
Kucinic is much lower than Dyachkova is, but there was no feeling that it is somehow embarrassing. We recall that Monica goes undefeated as a pro so far.

The weigh-in results

Super fight in the category up to 71 kg

Stanislav Kazantsev (Russia) 70, 7 Vs. Warren Stevelmans (Netherlands) 71, 00

The fight in the weight category up to 81 kg

Nadir Iskhakov (Russia) 80.55 kg Vs. Marco Gurdelevich (Serbia) 79.06 kg

The fight in the category up to 56 kg women

Monica Kucinic (Slovenia) 55, 4 kg Vs. Natalia Dyachkova (Russia) 55.6 kg

The fight in the category up to 93 kg

Sergey Trifonov (Russia) 91.1 kg Vs. Begeri Shahroh (Iran), 88, 8 kg

The fight in the category up to 71 kg

Ivan Semiglyadov (Russia) 70.7 kg Vs. Rustam Kasimov (Russia) 70.5 kg

The fight in the category up to 64 kg

Vadim Davydov (Russia) 62, 45 kg Vs. Egor Vyalkov (Russia) 63.5 kg

The fight in the category up to 71 kg

Ilya Topchin (Russia) 71.00 kg Vs. Pavel Titov (Russia) 70, 85 kg

The fight in the category up to 60 kg

Daniil Gavrilov (Russia) 60.05 kg Vs. Abdul Aliyev (Russia) 60, 05 kg

The fight in the category up to 63 kg

Sergey Frolov (Russia) 62, 2 kg Vs. Daniyal Mukhtarov (Russia), 63, 05 kg

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