Yan'kova: for the coming year, I set a goal to fight over


Anastasia Yan'kova talked about preparing for a fight on August 30, sparring with men transformation Rhonda Rosie and comparison with boxing and MMA.

- Anastasia, how will be your preparation for the tournament on August 30?
- On Monday, I'll go to the training camp in Tuymazy. This will be the final stage of preparation for the fight. There is a lot of work in sparring, but without fanaticism, will work on the feet, engage in tactical training. I would like to work surprises that I have prepared rival and bring them to mind.

- Girls kickboxing at your level a little bit. How difficult is it to you to pick up sparring partners?
- We have to call them to his room, but does not always work. Everyone has his own plans, his schedule fights. It's hard to find a suitable level for the girl who will ride ever. So I often wake up in couples with children. At the training camp in Tuymazy will be the same.

- Guys carefully apply to you?
- In different ways, but any adequate man who weighs as much as me or twice, will control its power. We are fighting not in the ring, and teach each other in training. Sparring - it does not match. Here you need to show that you need to do and what is not necessary to transfer some experience and see what the athlete does not see more. An experienced sparring partner might say, "Why do not you bёsh like that. You got it goes. Try it!" Therefore, every sparring partner for me a little more and the coach.

- Natalia Ragozin said that some men in sparring with her trying to assert themselves. You are faced with similar?
- I never try to behave like a male who in the audience eager to show his coolness. Yes, I'm an athlete, but I'm a girl and I did not have the build of a man. Let my fights will be technical, but it does not need to turn into a guy.

- Model behavior Rhonda Rosie will not close?
- I think that Ronda is a nice person. Over the past few years in the industry of professional sports, it has changed dramatically for the better. She is very charismatic. If before I was asked what image is closer to me Rhonda Rosie and Gina Carano. I always chose Carano, but then there was another Rhonda Rosie to UFC in the early years of performances there. Now she is a star, knows how to talk, present yourself well. In conversation, it bears little resemblance to a man, except it a crazy talent technology and hard work.

- And what about talk of a possible victory over Mayweather?
- We all understand that it is a competent PR and one more reason to talk about it. If it works, why not.

- Recently you had a fight in the "Boxing Academy." Managed after him to recover and relax?
- Yes, but the next year I set the task to box a little more, to gain experience. Now I have no desire to go on a long vacation, I want to box and learn, learn and learn. I went to Thailand, where trained and rested. A change of scenery has gone for me.

- Upcoming opponent Soumeya Samode Luana Lorenzoni more you win in June?
- Judging by the experience, but Samode experienced twice. She has a lot more fights than me, so it will be a good test. Athletes learn from fight to fight, and figures drawn in the record for a reason. I'm already looking forward to this fight.

- The upcoming bout will be for you on the tenth floor W5. Can you compare feelings now and before the first fight?
- Of course, now much different. It became easier to talk to journalists. I am not ashamed of the camera. Everything comes with experience. The first match was quite emotional for me. It was difficult to gather a bunch of ideas. It was something incredible, like an explosion. Now there is also the emotion, excitement, passion. To this is added, and the realization that it's my job, and my task to perform it well.

- What is your attitude to the adjacent sports boxing and MMA? Where you would like to try to force?
- As for boxing, I greatly admire the talented boxers in the top of the rankings. Their battles look very interesting, but overall the average boxing, I do not really like to watch. I am interested to see the average fight MMA. For me it is the same level of interest from the top boxers fighting. MMA interesting, because there can be anything. You can use an arsenal of other martial arts, Muay Thai, karate, taekwondo and Kudo. Each athlete has his own style, because now even a little fighters, who initially engaged in mixed martial arts. Someone began to hand combat and combat sambo, but not with the MMA. Cool, when you look at an athlete and you realize that, for example, his legs of karate, and the front of the kudo. All of this is layered and you seem to read the life of an athlete.

- Do you agree that if boxing - it's checkers, the MMA - chess?
- Many people consider the pinnacle of martial arts, boxing, the most important martial sport. I agree that the best hands in boxing, this is difficult to argue, but mixed martial arts more diverse and more to my liking.

- After the first defeat in the career you were attracted by the tattoo. In case of a victory over the Samode worth waiting replenishment collection?
- I am not planned.

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