Tuinov: I'm not the first to meet with more experienced opponent


Promising Russian kickboxer Vladislav Thuine talked about his preparation for the fight with Luca Donadio August 30 in Moscow.

- Vlad, you held a joint gathering with Eduard Troyanovsky. What did you get to work with one of the best Russian boxers?
- The first stage of training was with Eduard Troyanovsky and Andrei Kozlov. We were engaged in physical training, working with iron and dumbbells. The heavy gloves worked on bags. The first stage was a boxing more, with an emphasis in the work of his hands. Now there is more emphasis on sparring and tactical training. Last week we worked in his room with his sparring partners, and now also sparringuem Edward boxing and kickboxing finalizing elements - feet, knees, clinch. Also, we jog and do not leave the functional training.

- Your opponent has a lot of Italian titles at the national level. Can you name the main challenge in your career?
- I'm not the first to meet with more experienced opponent in the professional ring. I myself am in the sport for a decade. All the time I was growing up in his city, from my coaches Andrei Vladimirovich Chadina and Vladimir Chadina. Rival good. We watched some of his fights have identified the main mistakes. Disclose everything will not be on August 30 to see everything in the ring. I promise the fight will be very interesting. Come and keep me fists, and I will do everything to win. In my town all the experience for me, especially my family. I would like to please them and give pleasure from the beautiful fight and promote W5 in the Russian and the world of professional kickboxing.

- You have at home on the day the city held MMA tournament M-1 Challenge 60. You had to see it?
- No, I did not get there, because in the morning and in the afternoon I had a workout. I spent the holiday with their families at home. I've heard that the tournament was interesting and much loved. It is good that in our city trying to develop professional sport, show it to people. I think soon W5 again come to our city, and I hope to be worthy to fight in the main event of the evening.

- In the main bout of the evening on August 30 Enrico Gogokhiya act. How to evaluate his chances?
- Enrico - a good athlete, and I was studying his fights. We played together in the ring W5. I am very pleased to know that person, because Gogokhiya has almost become a world star professional kickboxing. We wish him success in the upcoming battle.

- In a recent match in Germany, you are faced with the incorrect behavior of an opponent who pushed you to weigh. How did this happen?
- It so happened that he was interviewed before the fight, which said that I was good in Russia, but in Germany, he will show me what a real fight. I fought out of his weight and heavier, but he did not know. At the weigh-in, he behaved ugly and thus showed his fear in front of me. I was younger, but had acted correctly and said that it will show a real fight in the ring and he missed a couple of nuclear bombs in the head. And so it happened. The first round we conducted according to developed my coaches tactics did not work too active. He is also wary, worried that he might miss the bounce. I vytsepil him at that moment, when I started gaining pace and work more actively. I did not feel really good active battle, so a little disappointed that the fight ended too soon. Somewhere not have time to work out that planned. We saw progress in work on the bugs, but there is still work to do. We will grow and give only beautiful fights to the fans and the Russian and world public.

- You grow as an athlete. What weight see their main fights in your career?
- Now I will speak in the 67 kg, but in the future we plan to go in the 70 kg. I have this weight, I'm free to weigh about 72, and then sushus to fight. To me it is not difficult, it turns easily round up extra weight, but when Dmitry Ivanov and Sergei Chepinoga feel that I'll be ready to fight in the 70 kg, I go back and enter a little bit of muscle mass.

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