Interview with Teo Mikelic


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Teo Mikelic vs. Nikola Cimesa!

Sergey Chepinoga: "We have managed to prepare a very ambitious fight!"


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Two Titles One Winner: Massaro Glunder vs. Vlad Tuinov!

Sergey Chepinoga: "All of us need the patterns all of us need champions"


Interview with W5 president Sergey Chepinoga about W5 short fiction movie "Choose the way of a champion"

Oleg Nevezhin: "No sports promotions in all over the world did ever perform this"


Check out the interview with the main actor and presenter of the W5 short fiction movie "Choose the way of a champion", W5 ring-announcer Oleg Nevezhin.

Porechenkov: "We should make efforts to popularise sports, especially Martial Arts"


Check out the interview with the famous Russian actor, anchor, producer, director and sportsman Mike Porechenkov on the W5 short fiction movie. With English subs.

W5 "The Undefeated": Battle at the Sea coast


W5 professional kickboxing returns to Croatia with the event called "The Undefeated", which will be held April 8 in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The reconsidered


The international trio of judges ruled on an appeal on the result of two matches of the tournament W5 Grand Prix KITEK 2017.

The results of two fights of W5 Grand Prix KITEK 2017 were reconsidered


Today, March 2, will be published judges score papers and expert conclusions of an international group of judges which had considered an appeal on the matches.

W5 Grand Prix KITEK 2017 results will be revised?


The appellation was filled on the final results of the two matches held at W5 tournament in Moscow. The international judging panel is assigned for the case consideration.

Sergey Chepinoga: "We will not conduct cabal games"


President of the W5 professional kickboxing on the opportunity to set up Tuinov Vs. Kazantsev and other like-opposition matches, conduction of which is incited by some hotheads.

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