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Those, who avoid the game, lose it.

Passion of player and spirit of fight: Fortune favors the brave.

World version W5 and the largest gaming houses network Rebuy Stars launch the elite series of fighting show in Eastern Europe under the common name W5 EUROPEAN LEAGUE.

A new series of tournaments according to the rules of professional kickboxing will be held in the spring and autumn of 2016 in Slovakia and Croatia. Its motto sounds as "Fortune favors the brave".

The main feature of the fighting show of European series will be their "closed" format: very limited number of guests will be able to visit these tournaments.

"In fact, we will have only the ring-side with about thirty VIP tables. This solution will provide our shows the most interactive character. Together with our partners from Rebuy Stars we have decided to create a separate world and to say a new word in the entertainment industry of Eastern Europe. It will be the atmosphere for the elite guests. Light and laser show, graphics, sound, entertainment tricks, everything is directed the perfect way to make guests feel maximally involved into the show. I think, that everyone who will be able to visit the tournaments in this series will have a desire to share this experience. " - Describes the idea of W5 EUROPEAN LEAGUE President of the World version W5 Sergey Chepinoga.

Tournaments has not only the common slogan „Fortune favors the brave”, but also common rating grid. The winner of the series will be a contender for the W5 world champion title.

If for the guests the W5 & Rebuy Stars show will be a unique spectator experience then for the participating fighters it will be as well as before a great way to fill their’ professional portfolio. Live broadcasts of tournaments on the PPV system will be available on portal and on all mobile devices IOS and Android through the application W5kick, as well as Apple.TV. Traditionally broadcast of W5 tournament will be organized on the leading European TV channels and Internet portals.

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