G-STRINX Interview


On November 11 in Kosice, AMAZING SHOW-PROGRAM!

  • SCALEMAN: Who is G-Strinx?

G-STRINX: G-Strinx is an instrumental-vocal group made up of three girls who became famous for their virtuoso playing on amplified violins. Currently G-Strinx work and perform as Aneta Lednická, Daniela Štrbová and Lucia Klinovská. Temperament, exceptional, but especially multilateral ambition of these young talents and also their ambition and ability to work hard for themselves, predispose them to shine on the international music scene.

  • SCALEMAN: Has it been successful for you?

G-STRINX: Band G-Strinx entered the music scene on September 2004. From the first moment of the act they have managed to attract interest in the music-business, and not only in Slovakia. Since 204 they have performed at over 600 concerts and show, which we believe speaks volumes about our success.

  • SCALEMAN: Can G-Strinx compete on the international market?

G-STRINX: G-strinx was at first as idea of three girls--:)
Currently they are working on their new program, which is full of music, dancing, singing and special effects. At this moment, they are preparing a new repertoire, this time in the Slovak and English language.

We believe, based on the numerous players on the global music scene, that G-Strinx is one of the Slovak projects, which has enormous potential to compete on the international music scene. All this is because of the representation of Slovak national musical elements used in the original repertoire of the group.

  • SCALEMAN: Is W5’s event the first time you are playing at a kickboxing tournament?

G-STRINX: We have already played at a similar tournament. It was an amazing experience for us, therefore, we look forward to coming to Kosice. We admire the sportmen, we like looking at them  :) We also do sports, however, not with such an intensity as kickboxing, but we truly admire this sport.  :)

  • SCALEMAN: Who designs your outfits?

G-STRINX: Our costumes were designed by the most famous and best Slovak designers such as Fero Mikloško, Lukáš Kimlička, Boris Hanečka and even Ema Klein. Our costumes are 
special, they charm at the first sight.

  • SCALEMAN: Will you be wearing something unique and different for this event?

G-STRINX: We chose three bright costumes for this event. Let us surprise you.  :)

  • SCALEMAN: Considering the theme of the W5 event is “Moulin Rouge” have your altered your playlist to this theme

G-SGRINX: This „Moulin Rouge" theme is well known for us. In the past we had one great performance in this style in Vienna. In our playlist we have a song „Diamonds“, which you will have a chance to hear during our performance at W5.

  • SCALEMAN: For those that have never seen you perform, tell them what they can expect from G-Strinx on concert night?

G-STRINX: Three ladies in beautiful costumes, show on electric violins, dancing and singing. And lot so energy and passion.

  • SCALEMAN: What do you think about combat sports (boxing, MMA, Kickboxing), do you enjoy watching it? Have you ever seen a fight live?

G-STRINX: Thanks to W5 we have seen a fight live in 2013. We like it a lot. Though we like all the fights, we would like to say, that ladies fighting is extremely interesting and sexy.



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