Janos Koczfan Interview


On November 11 in Kosice, Viktor Pavlicek vs Janos Koczfan!

  • SCALEMAN: You don’t really KO a lot of your opponents, however, your opponent is making his debut in kickboxing, do you think you will get another KO win on your record?

JANOS: I don’t really go after a KO, but anything can happen. I really like just being in the ring and putting on a great show. I always respect my opponents and enjoy fighting till the last second.

  • SCALEMAN: This is your first fight in W5, what are your expectations for this event?

JANOS: I have never really been an amateur. However, I have been fighting for smaller organization. But this opportunity to fight for W5 is a great honor for me. Hopefully, I will have more opportunities in the future. W5 is a higher level. To say it is on word W5 is, well W5…

  • SCALEMAN: You are now almost 40 yrs. old, what is the secret to your continued success and ability to continuously win your fights?

JANOS: Actually I am 40 years old. However, I was 32 when I stepped into the ring for the first time. I live a healthy lifestyle and eat properly. I have no bad habits, ok one I fight…And most importantly, I enjoy fighting.

  • SCALEMAN: You are still ranked 5th in the world, are there any plans to retire?

JANOS: Retire? I just got invited to fight for W5. Seriously though, I have been working as a coach for a few years, and I hope I will train some future champions. But my secret dream is to retire after a title fight.

  • SCALEMAN: What do you want to say to your fans and W5 fans?

JANOS: As I mentioned before, this is a great honor for me to fight for W5. I know that Vito Pavlicek is a good fighter and beating him will be a difficult task. But don’t worry because I am not just promising a great fight, I’m going to do it for you.



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