Letter from W5 President



Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I once again stand here and welcome you to W5 and Rebuy Stars.  As many of you remember, in 2016 W5 and Rebuy Stars Gambling House held three events in their casinos.  We were fortunate enough to bring our style of kickboxing to their audience in Zagreb (Croatia) as well as Zvolen and Prievidza (Slovakia).  Well, 2017 once again sees us together and this time we plan on making it bigger and better.

You may be wondering why we chose to host our events in a casino and why in Kosice.  First, I have always believed that every one of us is constantly fighting for our own future.  No one ever truly knows what their destiny will bring. Therefore, every decision we make has an uncertainty about it, even if we calculate the risks before acting.  Whether it be in a start-up, professional sports or in gambling, they all require a level of calculated risk and struggle in order to beat the odds and win.  This is why we feel that a casino is a great place to hold our events, specifically because the outcome is so difficult to predict.  And if to host an event in a casino then what better one than the best, which is why we feel so fortunate to once again be able to showcase our talent in Rebuy Star’s home.

The second point is why Kosice.  Those of you who follow W5 know that our mission is to make kickboxing main stream where it rightfully belongs.  And we feel that the best way to do this is to expose as many people to this sport as possible and to do it in as many places as we can.  So, for us Kosice, with its history, culture and beauty, deserves to have such high-level tournaments organized there.  Kosice is essentially the eastern capital of Slovakia and the center for many surrounding cities and towns, therefore, our event will show that Kosice is one of the best places for professional sporting organizations to hold tournaments.

So thank you to all our fans, Rebuy Stars and most importantly to the wonderful people of Kosice.  We are excited to be coming to your amazing city on November 11, 2017.  We will make this the event of 2017.

Facts and figures:
• Current W5 champions include such kickboxing stars as Agron Preteni, Artyom Pashporin, Dzhabar Askerov, Cosmo Alexandre, Vlad Tuinov, Alim Nabiyev. and Georgi Petrosyan
• The total number of viewers that tune into W5 events from Russia, the Baltic countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States exceeds 70 million people.
• W5 events have been broadcasted in more than 45 countries.
• More than 500 professional athletes have participated in W5 events –“Championships of five continents”.
• More than 30 fighters have won various W5 titles, such as our European, Intercontinental and World belts.
• As of today we have held events in Russia and its regions, as well as European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Montenegro, Belarus, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and The Czech Republic.
• The geography of W5 tournaments is constantly expanding. In the near future we plan on holding our first tournaments in Slovenia, Brazil, The Netherlands and the USA.

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