Stas Kazantsev Interview


On November 11 in Kosice, Milan Pales vs Stas Kazantsev!

  • SCALEMAN: You and Milan have similar styles. You both have a lot of power but rarely leave yourselves exposed for counters. What is the key to winning this fight?

STAS: Let’s just say I am 100% ready for this fight and the key to winning you will see on November 11th.

  • SCALEMAN: How does it feel to be back in a W5 ring?

STAS: W5 is home for me. My first serious professional fights were in a W5 ring. Since then I have stayed close with the organizers. I am very grateful to them for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to prove myself at their events. I look forward to the new challenges and recommendations they give me and in turn try to give them and their fans a great fight.

  • SCALEMAN: Although you have not faced Vlad Tuinov, you are very familiar with him as a fighter and his talent. Does it worry you that you are facing the only European to have defeated him?

STAS: I think it would be better to say that Milan won a controversial decision. And since I have no power what the judges say I don’t really care who won. Many of my past opponents defeated strong guys but that hasn’t helped them much against me.

  • SCALEMAN: What would you like to say to your fans and W5 fans?

STAS: To everyone, I just want to say, “follow W5, they always put on great shows and great fights.” And remember good health and exercise tempers the spirit and builds strong characters. See you Nov. 11 in Kosice.



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