W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 2 Recap


Day 2 was a great day, the intensity from yesterday definitely carried over into today. The fighters started off the day with an intense Body Strengthening workout. Watching the fighters carrying each other around on the shoulders was quite the site. At first it looked like this might be the hardest part of the day until Misa Baculov of Ronin Carnage Gym decided that for the Afternoon Teambuilding game of Volleyball everyone should use medicine balls rather than regular volleyballs. The idea behind it is the teams throw the medicine ball, different weights by the way, over the net and if the other team drops it that person is out. All I can say is it is quite difficult and quite intense. After an hour of that everyone looked like they could use a break to go relax on the beach or catch a bit of shut-eye. At 19:30 everyone was back at it again with heavy punching and kicking for the evening session. And heavy punching and kicking it was with each fighter really working on the accuracy of their hardest punches. No one held anything back and you could hear it with every shot against the pads.

With Day 2 in the books you could tell this was going to be some of the hardest trainings these professional fighters have ever come across. However, it will be well worth it in the end as the knowledge they will get from these coaches will enable them to be tougher and more dangerous in the ring as they add new techniques to their arsenal.

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