W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 3 Recap


Welcome to Day 3 of W5’s Summer Boot Camp. The morning session was just awesome, a nice run through the forest. The beauty of Novi Sad is just great and there really is nothing better than a morning job through the cool forest. However, the nice cool morning run through the forest was short lived because right after the fighters finished that, they had to do some stair climbing. And as the sun started to climb in the sky I have to say that it was one tough workout. For the afternoon session everyone got to work on their heavy kicking again. So far no one seems too tired and they were still hitting those pads as hard today as they did on Day 1. After a nice afternoon break the fighters were back at it with a great sparring session. This sparring session was broadcasted in its entirety, live, on W5’s facebook page: As far as I have been told all sparring sessions will be broadcasted live and this is the place to watch them. It is also the link to follow all the action as there are brief live feeds with interviews and videos of the workouts plus photos. 

So far 3 days in and the training is living up to its promise of being extremely intense and difficult. Talking to the fighters they are really having a great time learning from these trainers and being pushed to their limits. Can't wait to see these guys in 9-10 days from now. Very exciting atmosphere here in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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