W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 4 Recap


Day 4 at W5’s Summer Boot Camp started off a little differently. Instead of a an hour long run the fighters went straight into strength-conditioning. It was a grueling hour for them but they managed to keep their spirits high. May be that is because on Day 4 the fighters got a little reprieve from the hard-core training for the Afternoon and Evening sessions. At 11:00 everyone joined together for a fun game of beach football. There were no medicine balls involved this time. Just a fun team building game here in Novi Sad, Serbia. After a nice break, the evening session consisted of epic fight movie night. Everyone got to analyze past fights to see what was done right, what was done wrong and what potential moves they could work on and add to their arsenal of strikes. All-in-all it was a nice relaxing evening and a nice break from the difficult trainings. I hope they get their rest because from here on out every training session is going to test their resolve.

After a calm evening the fighters were excited to start Day 5 and get back to training. They seem to really be enjoying being pushed to their limits.

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