W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 5 Recap


Day 5 mixed a little bit of fun and craziness. In the morning all the fighters went on a nice hour long jog. I say nice because they did not have to sprint up stairs or beat up on each other. However, in the hot sun it still gave them a nice work out and loosened them up for the rest of the day. After a breatk they came back for their team building hour and that was great. They decided to do a little American football pads and all. Most of these guys have never even watched a game let alone tried to play it, but this is how you can tell professional athletes. They picked it up quick and were soon tackling like the pros. After the show they got some time off to relax before the evening session kicked off. For the evening session the fighters went through some serious technical lessons, going over attacks, defense, countering, etc… The discipline these guys show and their thirst for knowledge is just amazing. Everyone is here for one thing, to learn from the best and to get better in the ring.

Day 5 was a fun filled day and the fighters learned a lot of different styles today from the coaches. Talking to them afterwards they seemed very excited to practice what they learned during sparring. That opportunity should present itself in the coming days.

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