W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 6 Recap


Everyday these guys wake up at 5am to get to the training facility by 6. The sun has been bright and blistering hot everyday here. And yet these fighters never seem tired, always eager to get back at the training. Well Day 6 morning promised to be explosive and it was. The fighters started off with explosive exercises and some intense Cross fit. Hoping that may be teambuilding would be a bit easier they showed up at 11 to find out that they were going to get hit and hit during an hour of Rugby. The rugby was fun to watch as unlike American football, there are no pads so tackling and skill is of the upmost importance. Everyone did great and no one came out injured, which is the most important thing. After some time to relax, see the sites, or pass out for a few hours everyone returned for what would be 4 days straight of combinations and sparring. The sparring is one of the most important parts of the training as it not only allows the fighters to show off what they have learned but also one fighter will leave the camp with a chance to fight for W5 in 2018. Everyone is hungry for that contract as you can see the concentration in their eyes and in every movement.

Day 6 begins the second half of W5’s training and everyone is trying to get the most out of every second. The amount of discipline and heart it takes to do these three sessions every day is amazing but these fighters always seem eager and ready 24 hours a day. It is a great atmosphere and very very motivating.

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