W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 8 Recap


Today was a difficult one as there were two sessions of sparring. But with only two days to go before the end of the Summer Boot Camp everyone is trying to get in as much real-time practice as possible. This morning everyone arrived to the camp, a little tired, but ready to go. After some practice clinching the fighters went at it in a nice sparring session. For the afternoon everyone revisited their childhood with a game of dodgeball. This might have been one of the most enjoyable team building sessions as it is a game everyone is familiar with and it is a game we all grew up with but been so long since we all played. After their afternoon break everyone returned for more combinations and sparring. With only one sparring session left the fighters are really going at it today trying to prove to W5 that they are the one who deserves that guarantee to fight for W5 in 2018.


Today was one of the more intensive days that I have seen. Mostly, because when the fighters get to sparring they really concentrate on utilizing what they have learned into their fighting style yet try to show that the level they are at deserves a chance to fight for W5. You have to love watching these guys train the heart and dedication is very motivating.

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