W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 9 Recap


Day 9 is essentially the last day of Summer Camp. There was a sense of sadness today as everybody knew the camp was coming to an end and we would all be parting ways. There was so much fun over the past 10 days and such great bonds were formed, as usually happens with W5. It really is like a big family. With that said it did not prevent everyone from giving 110%. In the morning, everyone worked on coordination and balance, two of the most important aspects in kickboxing, considering when you do kick you live yourself exposed on one leg. This was a great exercise and it was wonderful to see the differences and similarities in styles taught by the different trainers. After a little R&R everyone got back to it for the team-building session. For today it was mind games, another important aspect trying to psychologically defeat your opponent. And finally in the evening for the last evening session of the camp, everyone continues with combinations and the final sparring session. The sparring was very intense as everyone knew this was the last time they would get a chance to impress W5 and walk away from the camp with a contract to fight for W5 in 2018.


It was a great final day even with the sense of it all coming to an end. The guys really seemed to be enjoying their time here and today was no different. It will be sad to say goodbye but like all great things it must come to an end for 2017. Everyone is already talking about 2018l can’t wait to see what next year will be like.

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