W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 1 Recap


It was the first day of W5’s first ever Summer Boot Camp. Everyone showed up early and you could feel the excitement in the air. The coaches looked forward to seeing new faces and passing on their knowledge, while the fighters were very eager to get started on their 10 day adventure. At 6:00am everyone started off on their 40 minute run and then a quick 20 minutes of clinching. For the afternoon session everyone gathered to get acquainted with the trainers. This year they are Misa Baculov from Ronin Carnage Gym in Novi Sad, Serbia, Nathan “Carnage” Corbett, 11x Muay Thai Champion, Mike Van Itterzon from Van Itterzon Sport in Almere, Netherlands and Andrey Chadin from Chadin’s School in Orel, Russia.  After the introductions everyone had a nice 7 hour break to see the sites and relax before the evening session. At 19:30 the fighters and trainers were back in the gym working hard on combinations and then a little sparring. You could see how concentrated everyone was during the sparring, especially since at least one fighter is going to leave the Summer Camp with a guarantee to fight for W5 in 2018.

All in all the first day was filled with intense workouts and a lot of happy faces. According to W5 President Sergey Chepinoga, “Today was a great first day. Everyone was working so hard and you could tell that we really gathered a group of professionals who love this sport. We are really looking forward to watching these fighters grow over the next 10 days.”

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