Alim Nabiev: "I thought, wow, how strong and cool he is"


About the title fight against Vlado Moravcik and his new championship, as well as about the upcoming match in Moscow of Stas Kazantsev Vs. Warren Stevelmans.

October 8 at W5Grand Prix "Legends in Prague" Alim Nabiev once again stepped into the W5 ring and defeated the idol of his childhood Vlado Moravcik from Slovakia, won W5 European championship belt in the category up to 77 kg.

You're back on the W5 ring after a long break. What were your feelings when compared with other promotions in which you play?

I started out in W5 I had a ,contract with the organization and with the 15 years I have performed as a  professional. I could say for sure that thanks to W5 I grew up as a professional fighter having on their ring around 25 bouts. From fight to fight, I felt that I developed and can managed out more and more ambitious goals.

World version W5 is equal to all other market players, there are also fought and fight some of the strongest fighters in the world. The only difference, perhaps, is that at the time being W5 is less known than the Glory or Kunlun fight, but I think they still show themselves!

What do you think about Vlado Moravcik? It was a worthy opponent?

I watched for a long time for him. Until we met at the ring we were not familiar personaly, but I remember how being a teenager yet I was watching his fights on the W5 and thought: "Wow, he strong and cool he is" At last I was able to meet with him as an opponent.

How did you stop this fighter who is among the best in the division?

Indeed, Vlado very experienced and smart fighter, about 100 professional fights is a serious indicator. In this match, by and large, he  does not loose. But I';m young young and I managed out to spend the entire fight in my own, "professor's" style. There were my advantages. Make way for the young! (Laughs)

What did you feel when you were exchanging with middle kicks almost defensively?

Indeed, during the bout it was the moment when I challenged him to such a duel. I felt a mutual understanding and a willingness on his part. I want once again to thank him for it.

Not every opponent is able to understand and appreciate such a proposal, and certainly not every opponent is ready for such an exchange. Moravcik, as a true professional, immediately understood what I wanted, was not taken aback and began to respond me with good middle-kicks. I think it was a bright show for all the audience!

You are again champion W5. What are the future plans related to this organization?

Yes, I once again becamea champion. At one time I won W5 fighter project in up to 71 kg, then won World championship. Now I switched to a higher weight and won the European title in upto 77 kg. Well ... if I understand correctly the sequence, it is now time to apply for a world title again (laughs).

Speaking seriously, the negotiations about my new fights in W5 is not conducted yet, but I think you'll see me there!

After a fight against Moravcik you said that you would now like to fight Cosmo Alexandre. Ready to get down to 75 or you'll wait for him in 77 kg division? *

Did I say that? (Laughs). If not, I can say it again! I am ready to fight Cosmo at any time, in any place and even at any weight division! I respect him very much, he is a true machine! I'd like to meet him at the ring.

What is your next fight besides W5?

Let's call it the Italian vendetta, because my opponent will be Italian. His name is Francesco Palermo, we will fight on October 28 in the main event of the evening of  Steel fights tournament in Ivanovo city.

October 21 in Moscow will be held W5 tournament where Stas Kazantsev will fight Warren Stevelmans. Your predictions for this fight?

I think that some advantage is on the side of Kazantsev. Stevelmans can be a very dangerous opponent, but up to me personally I don't like the way he performs the last two years. Of course, noone will give the final predictions. There is always place for everything when we are talking about the ring. So I wish Stas will be fully armed for this fight.

* During W5 Grand Prix "Legends in Prague" Cosmo Alexandre (Brazil) won the world title in a pyramid up to 75 kg. Alim Nabiev became W5 European champion in up to 77 kg division.





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