Interview with Juri Makalov


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Andrej Kedves vs. Juri Makalov!

  • This is your debut for W5. Are you excited to fight for them?

I am grateful to Sergey for the opportunity to debut at W5, and I am very excited to fight at this tournament.

  • Your opponent is one tough kid, with only one loss in his career. How do you plan on giving him his second loss?

The ring will show it all!

  • You are from Ukraine but live in Germany, could you tell us the key difference in the way they teach kickboxing in Ukraine vs. Germany?

For sure there is a difference between the styles of teaching in the CIS and European countries. In my opinion, the strongest schools are in Belorussia, Ukraine, Russia and Holland. But at the same time, Germany has some very strong professional clubs.

  • How has learning two styles benefitted you?

You know, I love to learn and gain more experience. And in every school you are able to learn something new and useful that you can use in the future.

  • How did you get the nickname “Kid”, is it because you look so young for being 28?

No, my friends started calling me a “Kid’, there is an old interesting movie about karate called “The Kid”.

  • What message would you like us to deliver to Andrej Kedves?

I wish him luck! To show a beautiful fight together so that the crowd absolutely loves it.

  • What would you like to say to your friends, family and fans back home?

Thanks a lot for your support, faith and motivation!



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