Interview with Massaro “The Project” Glunder


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Massaro Glunder vs. Vlad Tuinov!

  • You fight out of one of the most respected kickboxing schools in the world, Mike’s Gym in the Netherlands. Do you think this gives you an advantage over your opponent?

Yes I do think this gives me an advantage over my opponent I have the best kickboxing coach in the world in my corner so I do think that.

  • In your 29 wins you have an astounding 19KO, do you think you can knockout Vlad or are you expecting this fight to go the distance?

I really don't know for sure if it's gonna be a hard fight and if it’s why not hahah.

  • Who was your toughest opponent to date?

The judges and referees. (Watch my fights then you will know ).

  • What made you decide to jump up in weight?

I really didn't jump up in weight but there aren't many people who want to fight me in my own weight class (65kg) so that's the reason I fight above my normal weight class.

  • What changes in your style of fighting in this weight-class?

Keeping my hands higher hahah.

  • Once this fight is over, is there any fighter you would like to fight next?

The W5 champ on 65 and 67 if they dare !!

  • Two belts, One winner, are you nervous?

No never it's just another day at work !

  • What would you like to say to Vlad Tuinov?

Massaro had nothing to say to Vlad.



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