Interview with Milan “Minci” Pales


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Luka Tomic vs Milan Pales!

  • In your last W5 fight, against Vlad Tuinov, you showed immense toughness after getting knocked down in the 1st round, getting up and then taking the fight into an extra round and ultimately to victory. What does that kind of victory do for your confidence?

It was a very tough match, believe me. But I wanted that victory and I went for it. It was a great victory and I hope to add another one on April 8th.

  • Your opponent has a lot of KO power, have you been working on avoiding his KO strike?

I have respect for every opponent, they all have the potential to knock you out. But I plan on winning, I only know victory.

  • Almost all your fights go to a decision and your record favors this. Will you try to take this fight to the judges?

It is difficult to fight against a balanced opponent like me, however, if the opportunity presents itself I will definitely go for the KO.

  • Do you think a decision favors you and your style of fighting?

I‘m ready to fight that is what favors me!!!

  • Milan, what does “Minci” mean and how did you get this name?

The fans gave me this name. It comes from Milan.

  • What would you like to say to Luka?

I'm ready 100% for the fight so be prepared ...

  • What would you like to say to your fans?

I look forward to the match and I hope that you will be with me.



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