Interview with Nikola “Ronin Jr.” Cimesa


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Teo Mikelic vs. Nikola Cimesa!

  • Tell us, how did you get or come up with the nickname “Ronin Jr.”?

It's an interesting story. Everyone at the club where I train had a nickname, but not me. No one could come up with a name for me. Ronin gym is the name of the club where I train, and for me Misa literally changed my life. So one day I decided to pay respect and tattoo the gym’s logo on my back. When I showed the coach he said your nickname as of today is “Ronin”. Now the question remains why “Jr” because "Ronin" is the nickname of my coach Misa "Ronin" Baculov. So I still have to earn his nickname.

  • You like to fight a lot of very tough and talented opponents and Teo is no exception. Do you have any concerns about this opponent?

I love to fight this is my way of life. I do not choose opponents because I know that sooner or later I will face all of those who want to fight with me.

  • If you had a choice at a rematch who would you prefer to face Vlado Konsky or Vlad Tuinov?

It was obvious that I want both of them. When the time comes for it, and God gives me this chance I will be ready.

  • You are Croatian but live and train in Serbia?

No, I'm a Serb, I just was born in Croatia. l represent only Serbia it is my Motherland.

  • What would you like to say to your fans?

Everyone who wants to see a war in the ring, better not miss W5 “UNDEFEATED” because Nikola “Ronin jr” Cimesa is coming to bring war in Dubrovnik on 08.04.! Come and support me and all the fighters!

  • Any message you want us to deliver to Teo?

I have nothing to say, he and I are here to do our part of the job the best that we can.



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