Interview with Vlad "The Diamond" Tuinov


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Massaro Glunder vs. Vlad Tuinov!

  • You have added serious mass to your body since 2016. How has this affected your fighting?

This is helping my punches but it doesn’t interfere with my style of fighting at all!

  • Along with Andrei Chadin, from the highly resepected “Chadin School”, in Orel, Russia, you hired another trainer to join your team. What has he concentrated on and what has changed in regards to your fighting?

As of now our goals with this man are different. But this won’t have any influence on the fight.

  • Your opponent is young, hungry and like you a champion with a lot of power, have you ever faced anyone of this level before?

He is a good fighter but I am much better! I fought with Cedric Manhoef, whom I beat and who defeated Massaro.

  • Milan Pales will take on Luka Tomic. Two fighters you have history with. Do you plan on watching this fight? Anyone you are rooting for?

Yes, it will be an interesting fight! I want to watch it. And in particular I want to see how Pales will perform!

  • Any superstitious rituals before a fight?

No, I do not follow any traditions in particular! Everything goes as it goes! And the main goal is to put on a beautiful fight!

  • What would you like to say to your fans?

I can tell them to watch the fight on April 8th as they will see a very cool fight!!! And I am waiting for their support!

  • What would you like to say to Massaro Glunder?

I wish him luck. And recommend to be well prepared for this fight! And he should be ready to feel a lot of pain…



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