Kazantsev Vs. Stevelmans at W5 Moscow


The bout will put on 21 of October during W5 Moscow event at the venue of the legendary boxing hall “Krylya Sovetov”.

Kazantsev meets Stevelmans in up to 71 kg division. Their bout will become the central event of the thirty eight World version W5 fighting show.

Stanislav Kazantsev, who was born in Russia and grew up in Odessa, started Muay Thai and kickboxing only in 18 years. However, in spite of the late start he has got a very rich background  with many considerable contenders, among them is redoubtable Alexander Surzhko which Kazantsev wins by TKO in April 2015 during W5 Grand Prix KITEK, becoming the best in four fighters tournament of the night in up to 71 kg. Stanislav is multiple winner and medalist of the championships and Cups of Ukraine under Muay Thai rules

Now Kazantsev trains in Moscow representing the colors of the Russian "Fight club №1», although some time before that he managed to gain experience in the world-wide famous Dutch "Mike's Gym" of Mike Passenier, where his teammates were the strongest European fighters.

According to Dmitry Ivanov, promoter of W5 Moscow event, Stanislav currently ranks among the most powerful representatives of the division up to 71 kg. "Kazantsev looks very promising, I can quite compare his potential as middleweight fighter with the potential of Enriko Gogokhiya who that summer decided to switch from kickboxing to boxing. Stanislav will be able to achieve the same heights in kickboxing, so there is no coincidence that we’ve decided to push him through some rivals, which previously “Gudan" met with.”- Commented Dmitry Ivanov on the upcoming fight.

Warren Stevelmans, is a Dutch fighter of South African origin fighting out of Amsterdam “Vos Gym” club - a fighter who doesn’t need a special introduction for all true kickboxing fans. He has long earned a secure place in a cohort of top fighters of class "A", chalked up successful fights with such outstanding athletes as Dzhabar Askerov, which he met twice, once having gained the upper hand and the second time - bringing the fight to draw, Alviar Lima, Chris Ngimbi and Marco Pique. He also held a very competitive fights against the legends Giorgio Petrosyan, Albert Kraus, Mike Zambidis and the famous representative of Russia Batu Khasikov.

Stevelmans possesses all the features of fighter for which even a series of defeats will never become a significant obstacle to further development. He could easily go back to the very top level, surprising even the most highly skilled opponents in the dense and difficult bout.

Kazantsev and Stevelmans are both the fighters who aren’t accustomed to stagnate and to conduct trench warfare. Both are willing to take risks, to go forward and to show bright performances into the ring. The opponents have got a wide technical arsenal and - what is very important - both of them are endowed with a knockout blow. So by all means this opposition could be characterized by the great degree of reciprocal risk and will turn out in amazing and very exciting action.

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