Lady MoSS’S Angels Interview


On November 11 in Kosice, AMAZING SHOW-PROGRAM!

  • W5: How did you and W5 first start working together?

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: Well, I started working with W5 at their 2013 Bratislava event. At that time Lady MoSS’s Angels did not formally exist, that actually would happen a year later. So in Bratislava there was only one dancer, Miss Lady MoSS, Marina Vlasenko

  • W5: What do you think about the W5 events? You have performed at many of them.

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: W5 events are big and bright events. So for us it is an honor to be a part of their events. Their professionalism and the quality that they produce are always at the highest level. Therefore, as artists, we appreciate this very much. Working with W5 always brings us great pleasure.

  • W5: Your costumes are always unique and different at every event, who comes up with the ideas and designs for your costumes?

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: Thank you. You know, this may sound surprising, but all the costumes are done by one person, Lady MoSS’s Angels founder and leader, Marina Vlasenko. It is she that comes up with costume ideas and designs and then turns those designs into a reality and what you end up seeing at the show.

  • W5: What can we expect to see from you at W5’s event?

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: I would love to tell you but it is a secret and we really don’t want to ruin the surprise. And to be fair it is always great to see the audience and their reactions when they see us come out for the first time. Therefore, you will have to wait and see. However, rest assured that as always there will be the most beautiful dancers, brand new costumes and a routine centered around the event’s theme.

  • W5: How did the company begin?

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: The project really started spontaneously in 2014 by Russian choreographer Marina Vlasenko. The idea, however, was fairly simple. Marina wanted to use her experience as a professional dancer to create the highest level of go-go dancers in Slovakia.

  • W5: As you know the W5 & Rebuy Stars Fortune Favors the Brave Series is a VIP event. Do you prefer playing to smaller more intimate crowds, or you prefer bigger crowds?

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: Each W5 event is special, and considering the quality at all their events is of the highest level, we are happy to work at both their large and small-scale tournaments. For us it is a bit more convenient to work the smaller VIP events. The reason is that we tend to have to get to the stage in 3-5 seconds to perform and to do it in 15cm heels, which means we essentially have to sprint. At larger venues it requires much more planning and attention to detail as the bigger the place the longer it takes to get in place to start the routine and time is of the essence. Considering we always have to look beautiful and elegant the smaller venues are just a bit easier to make sure there are no mistakes.

The atmosphere and energy at a W5 event is always great and the larger the venue the more grandiose the lighting and sound. But let’s remember that the main attraction are the fighters, and the more interesting the fights (regardless of the size of the event), the better the event is itself for everyone.

  • W5: Who came up with the name LadyMoss’s Angels? Is there a meaning behind it?

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: The name LadyMoss'sAngels originated from Lady Moss - the pseudonym of the founder of the dance group Marina Vlasenko. The word Moss is actually a play on the word Moscow, Russia’s capital. Of course, angels are spiritual, tender, beautiful creatures, a symbol of freedom. Taking into account that angels were always depicted with golden hair, our concept and the main part of the group are beautiful girls with blond hair. Nevertheless, you will find brunettes among our angels, too. After all, every girl is an angel, until she awakens the devil :)

  • Who does the choreography for your shows?

LADY MOSS’S ANGELS: The choreography for each show is created by Lady MoSS’s founder, Marina Vlasenko. She graduated in 2011 from the University of Arts in Moscow. While there she studied at the Department of World and Modern Choreography. Her education and her experience, which includes television, as well as sitting on the board of directors for theatres, has brought unlimited potential to the dance group Lady Moss’s Angels. And because of this vast experience in all types of dance, Marina does not have a hard time coming up with new and unique routines for each show. So far the results have been very pleasing and our portfolio is expanding with every event.



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