Miran Fabjan Interview


On November 11 in Kosice, Ondrej Hutnik vs Miran Fabjan!

  • SCALEMAN: You have jumped up in weight classes, what have you had to change about your style to compete in this class?

MIRAN: I am older so I no longer kill myself during training. When I feel tired I take a day off. This is the only thing I have changed since going up weight-classes.

  • SCALEMAN: You dominated Dzevad Poturak in Koper, do you think it will be just as easy against Hutnik?

MIRAN: Poturak was easy because I studied his moves very well.  I knew all his weaknesses. I expect to do the same with Hutnik, I will prepare the perfect game plan. The fight will be easy!

  • SCALEMAN: Hutnik is known for being able to go 5 rounds easily and wear down his opponents. Your only real fight since you came out of retirement was a 3 round fight, where you looked a bit tired towards the end. Do you think you are conditioned well enough to go 5 rounds with Ondrej or do you feel the key for your victory is to end the fight earlier rather than later?

MIRAN: It is known that Hutnik is old and that the judges were always helping him. However, he did have a good career, so I think he finally deserves a chance to fight me!

  • SCALEMAN: What is your opponent’s biggest weakness and what would you say is his greatest strength as a fighter?

MIRAN: When I fought Poturak I was not focusing only on the fight, I was also involved in the organizing of the event and therefore, I had a million things on my mind. It was my first pro fight in 2 years and I was 100kg and at this weight I am not that good.  Regarding Hutnik, the rust is gone, I will be 93kg and with that 7kg less my conditioning and endurance will be that much better. Hunik is a southpaw, and I think this is his weakness. His boxing skills are bad so he relies on his knee and kicks, which are easy for me to counter. To be fair, I have never lost to a southpaw because I train with Petrosyan, who is the best fighter in the world.

  • SCALEMAN: What would you like to say to your fans and W5 fans?

MIRAN: For those fans that like Hutnik and don’t know me, well let’s just say, let me introduce myself in Kosice, so that W5 fans and fans of Ondrej Hutnik will never forget me…usss



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