Omari Boyd Interview


On November 11 in Kosice, Vladimir Idranyi vs Omari Boyd!

  • SCALEMAN: Vladimir Idranyi will be fighting on his home turf against you. Do you think this gives him an advantage in this fight?

OMARI: No, I have defeated many opponents on there home turf, some were undefeated. I will make sure it's an easy decision for the judges in my favor.

  • SCALEMAN: Although you and Vladimir are about the same age and very formidable records, Vladimir has significantly more KOs. Do you have any concerns regarding his power?

OMARI: I would rather fight someone with a lot of power than a lot of speed, I have no concerns, I will adapt.

  • SCALEMAN: What would you like to say to your opponent before he has to face you in the ring?

OMARI: He is preparing to fight one of the best in the world, so be ready for war!

  • SCALEMAN: You have fought in many promotion companies all around the world, what would you say are the big differences between them?

OMARI: The shows I fight on in Europe are usually larger than those in the USA because kickboxing isn't yet as popular. I’ve fought on shows with under 500 people and shows like when I fought in Serbia with 15,000. On all shows the judges have been fair. I look forward to be becoming an up and coming star in W5.

  • SCALEMAN: What would you like to say to your fans and W5 fans?

OMARI: I always put on a good show for the crowd, in and out the ring. It will be fireworks at this show so make sure you tune in! I will prove to my W5 fans that I can be one of the most entertaining fighters to watch, my true fans already know I bring the heat.



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