Sergey Chepinoga: "We have managed to prepare a very ambitious fight!"


On April 8 in Dubrovnik, Two Titles One Winner: Massaro Glunder vs. Vlad Tuinov!

The bout will be the main event of the night W5 "The Undefeated", Dubrovnik, Croatia.

"Massaro is a real discovery of W5! A fighter with a unique manner of combat, excellent technical training and good functionality. One of the best young fighters brought up in the highest standards of the world-famous club "Mike's Gym".

Vladislav Tuinov not only continues to gain weight and muscle mass, his fighting skills are also growing very rapidly. He is already not what he was even six months ago. To this, I would add that both Vlad and his coach Andrey Chadin are always hungry for the fights with stronger and more experienced rivals.

When we talked to Mike Passenier, he told me that Massaro feels well in both weight divisions and is ready to fight Vlad provided that there will be two belts at stake. We have managed to prepare a very ambitious fight! Everyone is a champion in his weight class!

Both Massaro and Vlad always demonstrate a very diverse style of fighting, both are capable of creating a masterpiece in the ring. They are young, champions’ blood boils in their hearts and the thirst for new victories is in their minds. I am very happy to represent this fight to you, because I am happy to follow its participants, and I see that both have made significant progress in their careers. Sooner or later they had to meet!

I'm sure that for real Martial Arts fans the duel will go into the golden series of meetings under the professional kickboxing rules! "- Commented on the upcoming duel W5 President Sergey Chepinoga

The fight Glunder Vs.Tuinov has long been anticipated and expected by many fans of combat sports who are following the developments at the international arena.

In W5 thoroughly prepared this fight, as a result of which the alignment of forces in the weight divisions of promotion can significantly change.

There are two belts at stake: the W5 European champion in the light middleweight and W5 Intercontinental middleweight champion. "The winner takes it all"!     

The rules of the W5 title match provide for five rounds of three minutes, but given the charge of both athletes, spectators have every chance to witness the bright early final of the fight.

LIVE PPV stream is available:


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