Sergey Chepinoga: "We will not conduct cabal games"


President of the W5 professional kickboxing on the opportunity to set up Tuinov Vs. Kazantsev and other like-opposition matches, conduction of which is incited by some hotheads.

"Not the first time I’m asked questions like why Vladislav Tuinov not fights such our grid participants like Stas Kazantsev why not bring him into the ring against Artem Pashporin and so on. I understand the motivation of those who make such proposals. Many people want to promote their own brand and to use if not W5 brand, then name of Vlad Tuinov which we have grown and will continue to lead. I see nothing strange in such a desire.  But these people should understand our position too. We will not conduct cabal games. Why set up the bouts which will not be interesting for the international audience?  Our goal is to bring Tuinov to the world's top-list and give him international recognition. How to do it, if to fight with compatriots? With proper management, there will be enough space for Artem and Stanislav and for other worthy fighters whom I personally have great respect to, and with which teams I intend to develop cooperation.

As for Artem, I  would have been thinking about his rematch with Petrosyan - it is the completely Artem’s level."

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