Teo Mikelic Retains His Victory over Nikola Cimesa


On April 8, 2017, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Teo Mikelic was given the victory via Split Decision over Nikola Cimesa. Nikola’s trainer Misa Baculov felt that Nikola deserved the victory and filed an appeal. The argument was that Nikola was the aggressor and landed more strikes while blocking the majority of Teo’s strikes. The appeal was accepted by President Sergey Chepinoga and three new independent judges were appointed. The judges were:

Denis Sidenko (Russia)

Marco Broerson (Netherlands)

Atsushi Onari (Japan).


After, watching the reply from 5 different camera angles the judges have come back with the following ruling:

Denis Sidenko ruled it 29-29 (Draw)

Marco Broerson ruled it 29-29 (Draw)

Atsushi Onari ruled it 29-28 (Teo Mikelic)


The final ruling has been accepted by Sergei Chepinoga and therefore, Teo Mikelic will retain his victory via Split Decision.

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