The results of two fights of W5 Grand Prix KITEK 2017 were reconsidered


Today, March 2, will be published judges score papers and expert conclusions of an international group of judges which had considered an appeal on the matches.

As a result of W5 Grand Prix KITEK 2017 the representative of the interests of Rashid Salikhov and Vadim Davydov filled an appeal, challenging the outcome of fights with participation his charges and apprentices.

We recall, that Vadim Davydov met Nikita Surovezhkin in the undercard of the tournament W5 Grand Prix KITEK 2017 and was defeated via split decision. Rashid Salikhov and Maxim Spodarenko opened the main card of the event. After three rounds Max Spodarenko was scored as a winner via unanimous decision. The results of these fights were disputed.

As an exception W5 appointed the public hearing and created an expert panel of international judges which included Marco Broersen (Holland), Mladen Kranjcec  (Croatia), Igor Schmidt  (Slovakia). Their verdict and score papers will be published today.

Judges reviewed two matches and arranged their own assessment of the results of each round. The results will be published in the near future, not late than March 2.

Video of the bouts Davydov Vs. Surovezhkin, Salikhov Vs. Spodarenko is publicly available on the website via the links:

Davydov Vs. Surovezhkin

Salikhov Vs. Spodarenko

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