W5 Summer Boot Camp Day 7 Recap


Well, the summer camp is winding down and you can feel it in the air. It seems like no one wants it to end. Everyone has been having such a good time and they have all been working extremely hard. However, you feel it in the air that everyone knows there is still a lot of work to be done. 06:00 am everyone showed up ready to go and go they did. Morning session consisted of sprints. Great for those short bursts you need when you stun your opponent, finding that immediate quick adrenaline rush. In the afternoon everyone got to work their muscles by having a little fun during the Highlander Games. Of course it was a bit improvised as there was no pole tossing but still shot putting with medicine balls is no easy task. The balls may not have flown very far but it was still a humorous time by all and still a great workout.  After the afternoon break everyone was back at it in the gym working on combinations, a specialty of Mike Van Itterzon and the Dutch style of kickboxing. After combos everyone got in the ring for sparring.


Day 7 was intense and fun and you can see it on the faces of the fighters and trainers. The heat may be getting to everyone but they will never show it. I am extremely impressed watching these guys day in and day out do 3 difficult sessions. But what makes this summer camp so different than others is that there is a real mix of fun during the workouts.

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