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The action packed night: the results of the "W5 European league" event, September 10


Four KO and TKO from eleven fights and huge middleweight and heavyweight clashes was performed this night at “Rebuy Stars” gambling house in Zvolen, Slovakia.

Nikola Cimesa: “Vlado get ready for war”


The Serbian athlete of Ronin-Carnage GYM started to fight in the professional ring because he needed money for the scholarship and became the real prospect of the time being.

Fight card of the W5 & Rebuy Stars event in Zvolen. Design image


The tournament which has collected representatives of 11 countries will be held September 10 in Zvolen, Slovakia, at the "Rebuy Stars" gambling houses venue.

W5 European league, Zvolen: official weigh-in


The ceremony will be conducted 9th of September at 3 PM, UTC+1, in the hall of “Rebuy Stars” gambling house.

Jasmin Bajrovic: “I train to be the best in and out of the ring”


The very calm and confident interview with one of the best fighters of his division on the eve of his bout against Darryl Sichtman on W5 and “Rebuy Stars” event in Zvolen, Sept. 10

Michaela Kovacova will become VJ at the W5 tournament in Zvolen


10 of September popular referee and fighter in her near past will lead the backstage live broadcast of the W5 and "Rebuy Stars" event in Slovakia

Lukas Horak got injured and is out of W5 & Rebuy Stars event in Zvolen


W5 is looking for the new opponent for the bright Croatian heavyweight Antonio Plazibat.

Promo video of the W5 tournament in Zvolen


10 of September W5 will put on the third event of the W5 European league series

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